Review: Honor’s Knight by Rachel Bach

Reviewed by Jen

If you caught my review of book one in this series, you know how much I adored it. You would also know that installment ended on a gnarly cliffhanger. The events of that book are going to be spoiled in this review, so if you haven’t read Fortune’s Pawn, stop now and check it out before you go any further.

Still with me? OK. This book kicks off right on the heels of that one, where Rupert has wiped Devi’s memory of what he is, their relationship, and the truth about their captain. Not only that, he did something to her mind to make her feel revulsion just from looking at him. It was the only way to protect her from knowledge that could endanger her life. It was a great holy crap moment, but it made for a frustrating first third of this book. Devi is still Devi… she is still brash and bold with great instincts and even greater ambition. But there is a hole in her memories which has her stumbling around in the dark.

As good as the writing and the characterization and the world-building were, I found myself wanting to skim. I wanted—I needed—to get to the part where Devi got back to where she was before. And more importantly, with WHO. What was even more frustrating was that these two things didn’t happen at quite the same time. Yes, she got back her memories, but that didn’t put her back in Rupert’s arms.

In fact, for the vast majority of the book, Rupert made me crazy. Yes, I know he is dedicated to his captain and his cause, but he makes some choices that I was not ok with. So not ok that I almost put down the book. Thankfully, after some venting on Twitter, I was promised it would get better so I soldiered on, and she was right, it did. Still, it was a rocky road and I was irritated for a lot of my reading time while the characters made their way to the point where I needed them to be.

Does that mean this book wasn’t as good as the first? Not at all. The author is quite gifted. I felt like I knew these characters. I cared what happened to them (maybe too much.) The world-building is phenomenal—I bought in completely to worlds that made home to alien races who took after giant chickens, lizards, and jellyfish. I know it sounds stupid when I say it, but I swear, in this book, it’s anything but. The concepts are so original and consistent, the series feels fresh and immersive.

It was just the romance reader in me who was ready to set something on fire for a long time. The rest of it was awesome. Like the creepy, silent girls whose minds were nearly obliterated to fight for a cause… and the insane woman prisoner who longs for death. Captivating. So is Devi and her unparalleled survival instincts. Still, for all her toughness, she has her own morals, which grow and develop along with her over the course of the book.

There is no big cliffhanger here like the last one, but the story is clearly not over. All the pins are set up for Devi to knock down. I can’t wait to see her do it.

Rating: B+

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Honor’s Knight
by Rachel Bach
Release Date: February 25, 2014
Publisher: Orbit

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