Review: Hooked on a Phoenix by Ashlyn Chase

Reviewed by Shelly

The premise of a Phoenix is one of my comic book weaknesses. So when I saw this blurb my eyes got a little big. And my excitement got a little carried away, then I was reminded that there’s going to be insta-love (not a fan of) but I was already committed so I went with it. Plus, a new to me author is always a good thing.

I feel as if I’m missing something. Maybe because this an advance reader copy, I’m not sure. Parts of the story line almost reads out of order. I feel like there’s something that I’m missing. Maybe that’s going to get more flushed out in the future installments or maybe it just is. As I read more and more paranormal, I understand there’s a world that’s either established or will be established. I’m not sure where we’re going with this one. The world building in this seems to be based on contemporary times with the paranormal setting but it’s choppy in its delivery.

Book one in Ashlyn Chase’s ‘Phoenix Brothers’ series, this story is about Gabriel Fierro. Gabriel is the fourth of the seven Fierro sons and one of the many firefighters in the family. All of the males born into the Fierro family are Phoenix – mom’s human but dad isn’t. The other brothers are either married or off doing their own thing.

Misty Carlisle moved back to the Boston neighborhood she lived in as a preteen. Parker, her older brother, is depending on his best friend Gabe to look out for Misty. So Gabe in all his wisdom decides that the best way to reintroduce himself to her is to go to the bank where she works and open an account. They say he’s a really smart one. The day Gabe decides to do this, there’s a bank robbery. The specifics of the robbers’ actions – well, let’s just say they seemed to be very interested the curve of Misty’s butt in her work skirt than the millions they intended to steal.

Misty and Gabe get stuck in the vault. A kiss is shared. Soon after, they’ve having sex and well… you can guess.

The insta-love is strong. The love is mainly based on Misty’s love of Gabe when they were younger. She doesn’t know the man he is today but that’s okay. She loves him anyway. Gabe, on the other hand, doesn’t love Misty as quickly. He’s still messed up from when a dog he had as a teenager was released (by some unknown) from his leash and got run over. Yep, that’s Gabe’s excuse for not wanting to get married, fall in love, or even have children.

Gabe’s quick turn around for love is… quick. But you knew that would happen. Then there’s the whole phoenix mythology that needs to be addressed. Turns out there’s a whole world of creatures that Misty doesn’t know about, but it’s perfectly okay about Gabe’s secret being revealed because she loves him regardless.

I really wanted to get all up into this and just flow with it and have it make perfect sense because that’s what is supposed to happen. But I found the pacing to be off, the action was way too short and delivered way too late. But maybe more will happen in future installments.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C

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Hooked on a Phoenix
by Ashlyn Chase
Release Date: March 6, 2018
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca


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