Review: Hurts to Love You by Alisha Rai

Reviewed by Sara

In Hurts to Love You, the third and last book in the Forbidden Hearts series, Gabe is the son of the former housekeeper to the formerly wealthy Kane family. He’s the best friend to Olivia Kane and part of her wedding party. Thing is, he’s also more. Secretly he’s in love with Olivia’s soon to be sister in law, the sheltered Eve. He’s also holding on to another secret that could alter his relationship with Olivia and her family forever, a secret it’s getting harder and harder to hold on to.

Eve is the youngest of the Chandler siblings and has been treated like a child her entire life. She’s recently split from the family business and is on her own trying to develop an improved ride share business. She’s also trying to show Gabe, who she’s always had a crush on, that she’s not a little girl anymore. Which would make it a bad thing for Gabe to find out that she’s been his ubiquitous and mysterious ride share driver for the past several months.

Forced together by Eve’s brother Nathan’s wedding to Olivia Kane, Gabe and Eve soon discover their mutual attraction and begin a fling promising each other that it’s only physical. As is the way with these things, both Eve and Gabe come to the realization that they want more, but with secrets, preconceived notions and even a purported curse floating around, is anything more than a fling possible?

In keeping with Alisha Rai’s previous two novels in the series, Hurts to Love You employs equal parts well developed, diverse characters, high emotion and hot sex. The novel can technically be read as a standalone, but I wouldn’t advise it. As the finale of the series it finally brings to light the overarching mystery of the whole series – what Maria Chandler, Eve’s mother, and Robert Kane, Olivia’s father, doing together when they came to be in a car accident more than a decade ago.

If you’re looking for the Romance tropes of forced proximity and forbidden love, as well as great characters and a compelling story you’ll enjoy Hurts to Love You.

Rating: A

*ARC provided by Avon

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Hurts to Love You
by Alisha Rai
Release Date: March 27, 2018
Publisher: Avon

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