Review: Kissing the Boss by Linda Kage

Reviewed by Shelly

Book 2 of Linda Kage’s ‘Fairy Tale Quartet’ is Isobel’s brother’s story. Ezra Nash has been the co-CEO at JFI for a year. He was brought in after his father’s (Henry) company bought in. During his time at JFI his nemesis and co-CEO, aka the devil incarnate, Lana has made his life hell. Kaitlynn Judge is Lana’s stepdaughter who for the last six months has been an unpaid intern at JFI. Lana is clearly not treating Kaitlynn well, but Kaitlynn not only agreed to the conditions, she’s the one who suggested the pay scale. Kaitlynn has a long term plan and other than the devil’s spawn standing in her way, she’s got it covered. Kinda.

I liked book 1 more than I did this one. I think it was the male POV that made book 1 unique for me. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy Ezra and Kaitlynn because I did. Kaitlynn is a smart heroine but she’s too nice. Way too nice to run a profitable business. She’s honest and good and all things sweet. She’s great for a romance heroine, but there’s such a thing as too sweet and she’s that for me.

And that’s probably my biggest concern with her taking over the family business, JFI. There’s no way that she wouldn’t have run that thing into the ground if she were left to her own devices. Be it her or her antiChrist of a stepmother, that company would eventually need outside investors. Just to show how sweet Kaitlynn was – there’s a little plot point about an employee lying about time worked (he wasn’t even in the building) and literally stealing from the company. In the ‘real’ world that’s a fireable offense especially after 10+ times. But as this is a fairy tale – I’ll go with the flow.

The relationship between Kaitlynn and her stepmother was wonderfully and perfectly atrocious. I kept wondering what debauched evilness Lana could come up with; she was pleasantly evil and liked no one. Not even her two sons. Brick, the tatted up executive. I’m sure they’re around, I’ve just never met one with visible tattoos. And Hayden, the pompous and pretentious executive with no social skills…at all. He seemed to be more like Ezra, from his description in book 1, and I really enjoyed him. He’s kinda cold but has soft spots that are hard to notice.

The chemistry between Kaitlynn and Ezra was surprising to me. I don’t know why but I wasn’t excited to see them together, especially in the beginning. Him dressed as Maleficent and making out with the heroine didn’t tickle me – too much of another Caitlyn came to mind because of the scene context. There’s a plethora of imagery in that scene and my mind just had trouble wrapping around it. That whole scene actually put me off enough that I quickly skimmed through it. But I digress.

Ezra and Kaitlynn’s love did eventually grow on me. I had to be convinced that Kaitlynn could handle an adult relationship with the virile Ezra. Her innocence was glaring until she got to the bedroom. For Ezra, he was already familiar character to me. I read him differently in book 1 than I did here.

Much of Ezra and Kaitlynn’s relationship is a tug of war because of Lana’s absolute greed, for everything in sight. Lana’s reach touched so much in Kaitlynn’s life it was hard for her to separate personal and business and the personal came with angst and guilt.

The sex scenes were good without being too explicit. Between that and my gleeful anticipation of Lana’s actions this made for a fast paced, fun read. There are more characters to get to know and as with the first story, they all had purpose. Camille and Gabby are a hoot. Gabby and Hayden’s story, if they (even separately) get one, should be a pleasure to read. I’m always curious to see how the hardas*es fall.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B

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Kissing the Boss
by Linda Kage
Release Date: March 2, 2018


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