Review: Lady Be Reckless by Megan Frampton

Reviewed by Jen

One of my favorite romance tropes involves a woman of higher station falling for a man beneath her social standing. So when I read the blurb about this lady trying to help an illegitimate businessman get accepted by society in order to find a wife, I thought I had found my jam.

Not exactly.

Lady Olivia is “in love” with Bennett, the lord her sister ditched in the first book and Edward (the bastard)’s best friend. I can live with that, but I knew right off the bat that Olivia was not to be a heroine I would enjoy. As the book begins, she proposes to Bennett, which hey, shows moxie, but quickly becomes evidence of her naivete and self-centeredness. Olivia has concocted a complete fantasy of a relationship between them–with feelings Bennett does not reciprocate at all–and she decides to help Edward only as a means to man she truly wants.

The thing is, Olivia thinks herself a paragon of virtue: a righter of wrongs, an advocate for justice. She is actually quite clueless, never really thinking of what others need or want, only how it makes her feel to help them. She pats herself on the back so much, one might fear her arm would fall off. No one and nothing is immune from becoming a cause… from strangers to kittens to Edward. She doesn’t want to help so much as to feel good about herself for helping. For crying out loud, she is so unable to think of anyone herself, there’s actually a scene where she has a revelation that her twin sister has wants and needs of her own. (*head desk*)

I hated her. And it wasn’t even a fun kind of hate. It was a *cringe* make-someone-else-the-heroine kind of hate. Thank goodness for the hero.

Edward saved this book for me. He is a man judged on circumstances of his birth that were out of control. But he has so much money, he is still able to skate on the edge of society. He was raised by his father and brought up in the family business. (Honestly, his relationship with his dad was one of the best things the book had going for it.) Now his father is sick, and his dying wish is to see Edward secured in a good marriage. It’s that–and his undeniable attraction to Olivia which allow him to accept her plan to find him a proper wife.

Edward knows who he is and refuses to be cowed by those who see him as something less. He is incredibly patient with Olivia and understands what motivates her to behave the way she does. He loves her and helps her learn how to talk to people and think about their needs. It just takes a really long time for her to see the light.

Too long for me. I loathed her. And that made it hard to really get into the book, despite the fact that I really liked the hero.

Maybe the next one will be a better fit for me.

Rating: C

*ARC provided by publisher

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Lady Be Reckless
by Megan Frampton
Release Date: February 27, 2018
Publisher: Avon

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