Review: Lake Silence by Anne Bishop

Reviewed by Jen

This sixth installment in Ann Bishop’s The Others series is like a spinoff and a reboot all in one. It feels almost just like the first book, with a kind, emotionally damaged heroine in a new terre indigene community where the monsters learn through her that some humans are worth not eating. There is a very very very slow-burn/ might-be-a-romance one day. And a cop who doesn’t want to be there, but feels compelled to do the right thing. The only things different from Written in Red are the names and the particulars of the bad guys who threaten the peace of the community.

The new heroine is Vicki. She is a frumpy human divorcee. She was emotionally abused by her ex to the point where she has terrible panic attacks, is largely intimidated by men, and thinks very little of herself. She inherited the Jumble in her divorce settlement. It’s basically a bunch of cabins surrounding a rustic main house where she can rent rooms along the lake community largely populated by Others. The almost-love-interest is Julian, an Intuit and former cop who runs the local bookstore. Wayne is the highway patrol officer sent in to investigate a dead body Vicki reports as the story begins.

Aggie, one of the Crows from the earlier books, is the one who found the body. She is also one of Vicki’s borders. The story follows the investigation into the dead man and his connection to a plot to take the Jumble away from Vicki. This, as she develops deeper ties to the community and the Others deem her worthy of their protection.

I liked this book for all of the same reasons I liked Written In Red, which was my favorite in the series. The writing is great and so is the world-building. The monsters, especially, are fantastically drawn. And the humans making trouble basically deserve to be eaten, so it’s fun to watch them get what’s truly coming to them. There is an awesome cast of supporting characters, from the Crows (and Bears & Cougars) to the Sanguinati to the Elementals. I loved Julian and Wayne. I liked Vicki well enough too, though it was hard to read how little she thought of herself. On the flip side of this same coin, there’s nothing really new here, no real surprises. It doesn’t really hit on any emotional buttons, but it’s a fun ride. I enjoyed watching everyone learn each other, even if the patterns felt familiar. The pacing was better than in some of the more recent books in the series, and I didn’t want to put it down.

I’m very curious about where this series will go next.

Rating: B+

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Lake Silence
by Anne Bishop
Release Date: March 6, 2018
Publisher: Ace


  1. I liked that we go new shifters in this series. I had a great time with this series too.

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