Review: Wicked Dance by Olivia Booth

Reviewed by Shelly

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I read this. I didn’t do any research on either the author or the story so I wasn’t sure about the quality of the story but I thought the blurb sounded like it would be something different for me. This is the first book in Olivia Boothe’s ‘Chronicles of a Dancing Heart’ series and read as a part 1, not a standalone. The ending was abrupt and left me a aggravated.

Sara Hart is young and living in New York. Working as an administrative assistant for a dance company, she loves her job but can’t stand the people that she works for. She’s a trained dancer whose dreams didn’t match the life that she’s currently living in. She was actually very good at her job; it’s too bad the people she worked for were both disrespectful and temperamental. They definitely lived up to the stereotypical people in their positions.

During a coffee stop on a harried morning, she runs into Tom ‘Mr. Iced Double’ Wright. Tom is self employed. He deals in real estate and he too likes his daily coffee. I had some issues with Sara. I take that back; I had a lot of issues with her. But then again, the story takes place over a few weeks. I guess that’s hardly enough time to get to know her, but what I do know is I should have liked her by the end. Told primarily from Sara’s perspective, there were about 3 chapters told from Tom’s perspective. There’re 45 chapters and I would have liked a more even split of the telling if the other half of the couple is supposed to get their own voice.

What can I say about Sara? She’s got a few personal demons that are rightfully hers. During a winter storm, Sara wanted to drive to an audition. Her mother went with her. With Sara at the wheel, there was a car accident and Sara’s mother was killed. In retrospect, I think I might have felt for her if she was a nicer person. I just didn’t think she was. Her relationship with Jen, her best friend and roommate, was one where I’m not sure what their roles were. Jen seemed to care about Sara while Sara seemed to not reciprocate those affections. Here’s one of my many disappointments in Sarah. What she did during Jen’s birthday celebration was quite disgraceful. How do you get drunk at your bestie’s birthday celebration? How about toning down the selfishness for a single night?

Tom’s story came out in spurts which is completely understandable, but between the two of them being on the ‘damaged’ side, it’s frustrating with the yes/no/maybe thing that kept going back and forth. Here’s a dilly that made my shake my head – Tom and Sara decide to have sex within their first two weeks of acquaintance. Neither have a condom. They’re trusting either other without much history or information sharing. Fine. But in the next scene, Sara decides that she’s not going to share some pertinent information about herself with Tom. Why? Because she’s not ready for that. What?! You’ve just shared body fluids. How much more personal can you get?

There are a few other things that get introduced in this story and there’s no resolution to any of it. I assume that’s going to be in book 2.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C

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Wicked Dance
by Olivia Boothe
Release Date: October 27, 2017

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