DNF Review: The Fuchsia Lakes by Michelle Dare

Reviewed by Ronelle

A powerful knight and a beleaguered queen join forces to save her people and kingdom. Balance must be restored and betrayal rooted out, but even amidst such chaos, fate and love will have their way.

Plagued by memories of their previous encounter, Elliott Azure was more than ready to be in the presence of the enrapturing queen again. At twenty-three, Karis Fuchsia became queen of a land she wasn’t ready to lead. But with Elliott by her side, she felt protected for the first time in years.


I wanted to love this book; it’s my favorite genre, and it promised all the things I love in a fantasy romance. I haven’t read books 1 or 2 (admittedly, I missed that this was third in a series when I picked it up. I usually try to start at the beginning. Oops.) I was so excited to delve in, but that excitement quickly died a terrible, disappointing death, and I ended up DNF’ing The Fuchsia Lakes before the halfway point. I just couldn’t get past a few major issues.

I think the writing style was the biggest turn-off for me. It. Had. No. Flow. Seriously, the narrative was incredibly blunt and staccato, and it had zero personality. It was like one of those early-reader books for kids that have the super short, simple sentences. Trying to read an entire for-adults book written like that was just…painful and totally anathema to becoming immersed in the story. And while I’ve always hated the “show, don’t tell” line so often quoted at authors, I wish someone had passed the advice on to Michelle Dare. Her characters continually told the reader how strong/brave/powerful they were instead of using feats to show us, so there really wasn’t much action. Ms. Dare also created a sense of tedium by describing things in minute detail, giving us every step of every action and leaving very little to our imaginations.

As far as characters were concerned, I found Elliot and Karis to be fairly lackluster; he came across as sullen and defensive and she was a walking stereotype. I was never able to connect with either of them, which was another reason I chose to set this book aside without finishing. Maybe if I’d read books 1 and 2 in this series, I’d have developed a better feel for the characters and thus not been so ambivalent towards them.

In the part of the book I did read, I stumbled across a few typos. Nothing pervasive or repetitive, but another round of editing could have polished them out. However, I think I received an advanced reader copy, so it’s totally possible the typos I found were caught before final publication.

Bottom line: Considering how many other people seem to love it, I’ll admit up front that it’s possible I just wasn’t in the right mood for this book. Regardless, I just COULD NOT get past the tedium and minutia to enjoy whatever story there was here.

**I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.**

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The Fuchsia Lakes
by Michelle Dare
Release Date: March 22, 2018
Publisher: Daring Romance LLC

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