DNF Review: Torn by Rowenna Miller

Reviewed by Sara

Torn, the debut fantasy novel of author Rowenna Miller, tells the story of Sophie, a seamstress who has used her skills with needle and thread and her ability to imbue her creations with charms to work her way out of poverty. Her brother Kristoff, a laborer, is not so lucky and is disillusioned with the way their country’s monarchy is running things. As Sophie becomes a darling of the nobility, Kristoff becomes involved with the enigmatic professor Pryord Venko and a movement to provide more rights to the working class. Soon the movement that started out as a cry for more rights becomes a full out rebellion with goals of overthrowing of the nobility. Sophie will have to decide what side she belongs on or find herself torn between the nobles and her livelihood or her love for her brother.

Torn has interesting characters and great, very detailed world building. As someone with a (completely useless) history degree I was really intrigued with Rowenna Miller’s use of real politics and history, particularly the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, to create the political climate and rebellion occurring in Sophie’s home country.

However, all this being said, I could not get through Torn. While the pacing was at times slow, the overall book was fine, it just wasn’t for me. It seemed that with every turn of the page Torn became a chore. I don’t know if it was because I like a bit more Romance in my Fantasy or if the current political climate has me wanting a complete escape from all things political, but I felt like I was slogging through Torn just for the sake of finishing and life is simply too short for that.

If you like Fantasy novels with interesting characters, rich world building and tons political intrigue, plus the added bonus of actual historical elements you will probably love Torn. Me? Not so much.


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by Rowenna Miller
Release Date: March 20, 2018
Publisher: Orbit

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