Review: A Devil of a Duke by Madeline Hunter

Reviewed by Jen

Eh. I struggled with this book. It wasn’t bad necessarily, but it didn’t grab me. In fact, I had to push myself to get through it, largely because I didn’t connect with the characters or feel any real spark between them.

Amanda is a daughter of two thieves who is trying to make a respectable life for herself. She is serving as a lady’s secretary and is using her skills and her smarts to find success. Unfortunately, someone has kidnapped her mother and is now blackmailing Amanda into stealing stuff to keep her safe. First it was something in a museum… now it’s an object in a private collection. The owner of the house is out of town, but the only way she can access it is through the home next door… and she’ll seduce the man who lives there to get inside.

She approaches the young man at a masked ball, but his older brother, the Duke of Langford, intercedes. He is intrigued by her and ends up devising an assignation at his brother’s house… the very place Amanda is trying to get to. So they make out a bit, set up a meeting, and she manages to sing him to sleep so she can get to her real target and steal it. Eventually, he uncovers her real identity and perfidy, only to become a reluctant partner in her schemes so he can keep her safe.

It sounds like there might be some angst or some intrigue, but there really isn’t. The connection between Amanda and Langford is pretty insta and I didn’t even have a chance to feel any tension. They were all over each other, kissing, and then getting horizontal at breakneck speed. He essentially decided he wanted her without even knowing her and she succumbed to her attraction towards him over and over and over again. Even after he held her prisoner at his house… even when she should have been angry or scared or trying to find a way out of the situation she was in… he was just there and she figured, hey, one more time won’t hurt. (*sigh*)

This is the second in the Disgraced Dukes series and we do meet the other two and we’re told they are “the Disgraced Dukes” a few times to make sure we know, but this holds up fine as a standalone. The plot is pretty straightforward: track down Amanda’s mom and rescue her, while having a lot of sex along the way. Overwritten sex if I am being honest. I just wanted to feel something… a little angst, a little longing or passion or heck, even a flutter. I just didn’t believe there was a reason for these two to fall for one another, especially when the stakes were so high. And once they did, I just didn’t really care.

To be fair, lots of people love this author. I think her style just may not be for me.

Rating: C

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A Devil of a Duke
by Madeline Hunter
Release Date: April 24, 2018
Publisher: Zebra

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