Review: Dark Queen by Faith Hunter

Reviewed by Jen

I was completely and utterly blown away by this book. Each installment in the Jane Yellowrock series has been good, but this one took it to an entirely new level. So much is happening here. I was completely on the edge of my seat. And it was a gamechanger, guys. I had so many feels.

This is the book where we finally get the big face-off between Leo’s people and the European vamps in their long awaited Blood Duel. A huge event like that—I totally expected to take up an entire book on its own, but it doesn’t. In fact, there were so many other things happening in the first half of the story that I was sure Faith Hunter was saving it for the next book.

First off, a mysterious man enters Jane’s life, claiming to be kin. I don’t want to spoil the particulars of it, but it was fascinating, especially juxtaposed to the makeshift family Jane has created over the course of the series. And that family is in full force as Jane moves forward with her plan to form Clan Yellowrock. We see now more than ever how many people she has collected over the past few years. From Molly and Angie, to Eli and the Kid, to Edmund and Gee, and everyone in between. And I’m swooning more than ever over Bruiser. Their relationship makes me so happy, I was sure he was going to die at any moment.

As always with this series, there are a ton a players and enough backstory to sink a ship, but unlike in some previous books, I never got lost. I was too wrapped up in what was happening now.

There is so much planning for the death match and so many opportunities for sabotage and betrayal. And then when the big moment came, it was every bit as exiting and epic as I could have hoped for. BIG THINGS happen. I’m still trying to pry my jaw off the floor. All I can say is that the author really blew me away with this one. I was yelling at the book as I turned the pages of the last chapter, torn between shock, fear, and disbelief.

Just wow.

By the way, for those who love Beast, she felt more real to me here than ever before. Maybe because she is evolving. Or maybe because she is becoming known to more characters than just Jane, but her role and her insights were so valuable… and her dynamic with Jane was just amazing.

I don’t know what else to say except Faith Hunter is such a talent. I don’t know where she plans to go from here, but I will be ready and waiting with baited breath to find out.

Rating: A

*ARC provided by publisher

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Dark Queen
by Faith Hunter
Release Date: May 1, 2018
Publisher: Ace


  1. Pauline E. says:

    Absolutely rockin’ review! I just got the book, haven’t read it yet but so looking forward to it. Thanks for reviewing this book and sharing it on your blog. Thank you also for hosting my favorite author on her blog tour. I’ve shared this review to Twitter and some FB groups who’d be welcoming of the review.
    Pauline E.

  2. Danielle says:

    I read this book today and it was absolutely fantastic. It’s still in my head hours later, trying to digest all that happened. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next for all.

    Great review Jen.

  3. Jude Dally says:

    This book….this book had me finishing it sooner than I wanted. I’m hoping that it starts anew story arc: Because It Cant End Like This. Waiting with Hope. And Faith.

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