Review: His Wicked Charm by Candace Camp

Reviewed by Sara

Do you like the opposites attract trope? How about Historical Romance? What about mysteries with paranormal elements?

If you said yes to any of these you’ll probably really enjoy Candace Camp’s latest release, His Wicked Charm.

Lilah Holcutt is everything a proper lady should be. She is well-mannered, logical, even-tempered and never breaks the rules. When her best friend gets married, she’s introduced to the Moreland family, better known as the Mad Morelands. The Morelands don’t care about convention; they believe in following one’s passion and are *gasps* suffragists. Con, Lilah’s best friend’s husband’s twin brother, is the worst of these. He’s a joker, a flirt and, for some reason, has turned his attention on her.

Constantine Moreland isn’t sure what it is about Lilah Holcutt that draws him in, but it’s something big. When his mother and sisters are kidnapped, Lilah is the first to offer help and what seems to be a odd-couple pairing turns into a dynamic duo. The kidnapping is only the tip of the mystery iceberg, though, and soon Con and Lilah are travelling to Lilah’s childhood home, facing off against amorous second cousins, deciphering the mysteries of bizarre secret societies and trying to stop cataclysmic events from occurring.

The events at Lilah’s childhood home and Lilah’s mysterious aunt who lives there are helpful in both explaining why Lilah is so buttoned-up and also in drawing Con even closer to Lilah. Here in foggy hedge mazes with mystery and danger all around these two opposites find that they’re maybe not so different after all and that sometimes letting loose and embracing passion can be world changing in the best of ways.

His Wicked Charm is book 6 in Camp’s Mad Morelands series and the first that I’ve ever read. I was expecting a run of the mill Historical with the opposites attract trope, but was blindsided by the story’s paranormal aspect. Camp draws from pre-Roman, British paganism and the British aristocracy’s mid-nineteenth century love of Spiritualism, secret societies and the occult to create a very exciting story and fulfilling mystery.

I really enjoyed His Wicked Charm and look forward to checking out the other books in the Mad Morelands series.

Rating: B+

*ARC provided by publisher

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His Wicked Charm
by Candace Camp
Release Date: March 27, 2018
Publisher: HQN

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