Review: Midsummer Delights: A Short Story Collection by Eloisa James

Reviewed by Jen

This short anthology consists of just three stories, all by Eloisa James, followed by a teaser, so there’s only about 65 e-pages of content here. As a result, none of the offerings is really developed.

The first short is A Midsummer Night’s Disgrace. Here, Cecilia has suffered through two failed seasons and has decided to risk her reputation by wearing a shocking red dress to a musical performance at a duchess’ house party. Cecilia’s been ignored by the gentlemen because her brother had been dropped on his head as a baby and is now mentally disabled. The men fear the disability will run in the family. Anyway, Cecilia is taken with the pianists and deems to ruin herself with him. Only, there is more to the musician than meets the eye.

This is five chapters long and suffers from a ferocious case of insta-love. The hero and heroine haven’t seen each other since childhood and they end up engaged after a dance and a handful of words exchanged in a matter of hours.

At Midnight had no chapters at all, but it was a better story. Eli’s father died leaving his son penniless with only a title to his name. He grew up a ward of his uncle who lived next door to Penny, whose dad bought the property Eli’s father lost gambling. He loves Penny, but he is afraid to pursue her because everyone will think he’s doing it for the property or the money. But a masquerade ball gives him a unique opportunity to express his true feelings and the results are something out of a fairy tale.

The last story is called Ever After and I hated it with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. Rothwell was Violet’s brother’s friend who she fell in love with at age 16. They spent a summer together and she gave him her virginity, then he left for four years, sending her only two letters. Since then, she has turned down seven marriage proposals and is nearly on the shelf. But when he just shows up out of the blue, prepared to marry her, she forgives him and lets him under her skirts in the same night.

What Rothwell did was NOT OKAY. I do not forgive him. This is not romantic.

Hate should have more letters so I could make it more emphatic.

Usually, I enjoy anthologies, but the stories in this one were too short to be worth it. I’ll be sure to check the word/page count before I pick up another from this author.

*ARC provided by Avon

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Midsummer Delights: A Short Story Collection
by Eloisa James
Release Date: February 6, 2018
Publisher: Avon Impulse


  1. What did Rothwell do? Leave her in the first place or something worse? DM me

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