Review: Oath Forger Book 1 by Nia Mars

Reviewed by Ronelle

After the collapse of everything Earth once was, only a few are left. Ava and Lily Smith are two such survivors, and they make their living—if it can be called that—by scavenging the ravaged surface. As the eldest of the two, Ava does what she has to for survival.

Especially after she’s kidnapped by space pirates.

Her rescue by Federation agents only makes things weirder, because now she’s suddenly been named the Oath Forger and earned the seemingly instant devotion of the five most powerful rulers in the universe.


I had almost zero exposure to the reverse-harem thing before this, having only read one book that sort of qualified (Golden operated on the same idea, but was told from the perspective of one of the boys rather than the woman who had, um, collected them). Oath Forger was different in another way, too. It was a…serial? I don’t know what else to call it, as each of the five books is called Oath Forger. Whatever it is, Book 1 was really good! Good enough that I immediately bought Book 2 and had to force myself to write this review before starting to read it.

I liked Ava Smith; she’s tough, smart, fierce, and anything but a pushover. She grew up on an Earth that was devastated by all the usual apocalyptic tropes: nuclear war, over-gathering of resources, and general human greed. Aliens got involved, but only after humanity had basically destroyed itself. She didn’t exhibit a ton of character growth, as it seemed like she sprung into the story fully-formed. (I’ve finally decided, after reading several novellas lately, that I don’t mind that so much for shorter pieces like Oath Forger.) Watching her adapt to the circumstances following her abduction was interesting, and as an adult who also tends to push buttons even when I don’t know what they do, I could totally relate to her curiosity. She handled the too-hot-to-be-real kreks rather well, considering they’re her first real experience of non-hostile aliens. I’m looking forward to seeing how that curiosity and resilience translates into her dealings with the five (maybe only four?) presidents/kings/warlords in the following books.

As for the kreks themselves, we don’t get much beyond names and physical descriptions—except for Koah, with whom Ava spent most of Book 1. He didn’t seem to have much of a personality, though, beyond “HULK SMASH!” and I hope that changes in the following books. Tiam, the second krek we’re introduced to, was just as disconcertingly devoted to Ava from the jump, but I suspect there is a much deeper intellect there. I can’t even remember the names of the other three right now, and that’s mostly because they were introduced at the very end.

There really wasn’t any romance in this first book, despite the fervent attempts made by the kreks. Ava has some conditions she’d like met before she “accepts” any of them…and that’s all we get. Cliffhangers of this kind are the best-worst kind. However, Ms. Mars promises that each book will get progressively steamier, so there’s that.

Unlike so much of what I’ve been reading since the explosion of self-published authors, Ms. Mars was just as attentive to the editing as she was to the story itself. I’m not sure if she hired an editor or did it herself, but either way, I didn’t note any major typos, punctuation issues, or formatting problems. A clean manuscript is always a pleasant bonus to a great story, and I hope that trend continues in her other books!

Bottom line: The first Oath Forger book was great, and I can’t wait to read the rest. I would highly recommend it for anyone who likes the reverse-harem thing, sci-fi romance, and a spunky heroine.

Rating: A

**I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Oath Forger – Book 1
by Nia Mars
Release Date: February 27, 2018


  1. Thank you so much for the amazing review!!! I’m so thrilled that you enjoyed Ava’s story. <3 –Nia

    • Thank YOU for giving me the opportunity to review it! I have the others loaded onto my Kindle and can’t wait to get to them!

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