Review: Small Change by Roan Parrish

Reviewed by Joanna

Ginger manages a tattoo parlor. She is a small woman with a huge personality, and is angry at just about everything and everyone. In her few hours of spare time, she paints, and that’s about it. She doesn’t cook, have delicate hobbies, nurture anyone, or make any concessions for the badass she is. I loved this woman.

Fortunately, someone else intends to, too. Enter Christopher. He owns the local sandwich shop, and he has a thing for the feisty woman he sees around his locale. This is where it’s interesting. Christopher is a super sweet red-headed nurturer. He cares about everyone, likes people, is genuinely interested in how they are, and doesn’t have an ounce of snark in his body. The polar opposite to Ginger, and a nice reversal from traditional gender role expectations. And the guy is hot. Smoking.

The story is told mostly from Ginger’s point of view, though Christopher gets a look in via regular emails to his brother. There we hear in his own words how enthusiastic and happy-puppy he is about Ginger. In her words, she has no idea why this attractive and pleasant guy has any interest in her. For one thing, she is entirely emotionally unavailable and not very nice. With the pressures of keeping business booming at her shop, and her enduring sadness that her best friend, Daniel, left town, she doesn’t make time for Christopher, and it’s a miracle that he keeps on trying. But there’s a very good character-based reason why, squirreled away near the end of the book.

There’s a heavy focus on the tattoo trade, and a lot of the scenes are based in the shop. We see how misogynistic the industry is, worse than many others, and we see how Christopher’s white male privilege helps him sail through life. The people Ginger works with are hand picked by her with an excruciating level of detail, as the fit has to be perfect. She’s trying to recruit a new member of staff for much of the story and finds a very interesting and unique guy (book two hero’s love interest, I believe). She has to tackle a-holes left right and center, and I felt every inch of her frustration.

Christopher has kind of drifted through life. He has a degree of family-related sadness behind him but is a steady and stable helpmeet. With our heroine and her hero both in their thirties, there is no instabiglove, which wouldn’t have fitted Ginger at all, but a tentative devotion from one side, and a disbelieving addiction on the other. I enjoyed it so much. The sex scenes were hot, and the emotions real, if occasionally frustrating.

Overall, I thoroughly recommend this. Book two in the series is about to drop and at the point of writing, this book is on offer.

Rating: B+

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Small Change
by Roan Parrish
Release Date: June 1, 2017
Publisher: Monster Press

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