Review: Alexander and Rebecca by Marianne Knightly

Reviewed by Debz

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good royal romance. I will read any book with the word prince in it and will try to finish it no matter how bad it is. However, I loved this book. It was amazing the 1st time I read it and still amazing the 3rd time. It has now gone into my ‘books to cheer me up’ folder.

This is book one of an on-going series by Marianne on the Valleria Royals and boy was it a great start. It’s a royal romance and was a very exciting read because whilst formulaic in a sense, it broke out of the old ‘Prince of a tiny European country meets a spunky American girl next door and marries her despite the odds’ trope.

Here, we have Alexander, the crown prince of Valleria as the hero and Rebecca, his childhood friend and personal assistant to his twin sister, as the heroine. It was not insta-love and marriage, thank God and even though they got into a relationship pretty quickly, it was obvious they harbored feelings for each other for a while and did not act on it.

After a photo-scandal where Rebecca almost fell on the prince and her job, Alexander uses the circumstances to get to know Rebecca better. It was exciting to see them plan dates and try to be in a relationship before jumping into love and getting married the next week.

The difference in their stations was something they, especially Rebecca, had to overcome. She went from calling the members of the Royal family her employers to being one of them. It was especially interesting to watch Rebecca and her boss/best friend Catherine navigate going from employer-employee to Rebecca being her sister in law and even more important as a future crown princess and queen.

In addition to the love story, we got to see Espionage and Action. For a working monarchy, there are always people out to usurp the king and there was no shortage of that here. There were hidden cameras, bombs and explosions and even kidnappings to make this a very exciting book for me to read. I could not put it down.

So yeah, in the spirit of Harry and Meghan 2018!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d rate this a B+. I’m holding a little bit hostage to encourage Marianne to write more books about Alexander and Rebecca.

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Alexander and Rebecca
by Marianne Knightly
Release Date: April 12, 2015

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