Review: Disturbing His Peace by Tessa Bailey

Reviewed by Sara

In all honesty, I wasn’t going to read Disturbing His Peace. I wasn’t a huge fan of the other books in this series and figured I’d just leave it. That was, until I saw a couple posts Tessa Bailey put up on Instagram about the book. I snatched it up on release day and I am so glad I did.

Dannika is a people-pleaser, she’s always the one her family comes to for helps. So, it only makes sense that her dream job is helping the citizens of New York. She’s at the top of her class in the police academy and would love it if it wasn’t for Greer. Greer is Dannika’s incredibly good looking, incredibly demanding instructor and she hates him. However, there’s more to Greer than meets the eye; he’s hard on his students because he knows what happens when you’re not perfect at this job. Greer’s partner died on the job, and between that and a very man’s man kind of upbringing, he holds people at arm’s length. Except it’s getting harder and harder to keep his brightest and most tempting student, Dannika at a distance. A slip up on Greer’s part, as well as a potentially dangerous mistake on Dannika’s brings the two together and the sparks fly.

I was really nervous about the student-teacher aspect of Disturbing His Peace. The older I get, the more the whole student-teacher love story makes me cringe. It takes someone with a lot of skill to help me put aside things like power imbalances, potential career ruination and just the messiness of it, but Tessa Bailey does this. It’s explained that Greer, who struggles with his desire for Dannika, specifically because of his role as her teacher, is less than 10 years older than Dannika and the program he’s instructing her in is at its end. Once things start to heat up romantically, Greer also speaks to his supervisors about any potential conflicts of interest, protecting both himself and Dannika. These things are all naturally part of the story, which helped alleviate any concerns I might have had and kept, the story flowing freely without any “after school special” kind of awkwardness.

Dannika’s character was fun and easy to relate to, but, and this might be because I didn’t read the other books in this series, the hatred she had for Greer seemed a little too flimsy and too easily discarded. Greer, on the other hand, was my favorite character. He’s not an alphahole; he’s just demanding because of his fear and grief. He has that whole gruff exterior, teddy bear interior and the fact that he runs a book club for police struggling with PTSD almost made me swoon.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the sexiness of Disturbing His Peace. Tessa Bailey is fantastic at making even mundane things, like rain dripping off a beanie, seem supernaturally sexy and this, along with her mastery of dirty banter, makes this one hot (HOT!) book.

Disturbing His Peace is a sexy, fun Romance that totally worked as a standalone. It’s great characters, plot and sheer sexiness make it a an excellent choice for your next read.

Rating: A

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Disturbing His Peace
by Tessa Bailey
Release Date: April 24, 2018
Publisher: Avon

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