Review: Her Hollywood Boyfriend by K.R. Grace

Reviewed by Debz

It’s a rainy day and Macey Greere just needs her dog, Axel, to poop so they can both go back and enjoy the warmth inside. Little does she know that her world is about to be turned on its head. You see, although normal to her family and friends, Macey is the girlfriend of famous up and coming rocker Cam Davis and shit is about to hit the fan.

Cam is caught and broadcasted having sex with his manager during his first tour and the paparazzi have descended on Macey’s home to capture her meltdown. Does Macey start crying immediately she sees the video and want to kill Cam? Maybe. After all, he deserves it. But she makes the decision to stick to her routine and continue with her summer plans as counselor at Camp Silver Star instead.

Camp Silver Star is a spectacular camp for children with disabilities and their siblings to bond and learn to interact with the general public. This year, however, Camp Silver Star is also going to house the biggest Teen heartthrob, Jace Ian Cooper, and his adorable little brother, Brayden. Do they fall in love? Does she enjoy her summer? Are there any more scandals? Does she learn to stop planning and trust the process? All this and more hijinks ensue during the summer.

Let’s get my prejudice out of the way. I am weary of books with teenagers bothering on young adulthood as main characters, especially in the romance genre. Mostly because as I grow older, I become more skeptical about a 15-18 year-old’s ability to find and sustain a long term relationship. Otherwise, this was a fun, romantic beach read.

I really appreciated the way disabled children were described in this book. You get to see them beyond their disabilities; they are cute, tiny humans with the funniest personalities who just happen to be disabled. From Honor and Honesty Jackson to Brayden and Armani. I just wanted to be at the summer camp with them and hug them nonstop. I also loved that the author took the extra time to show a little love to siblings of disabled children who are oftentimes overlooked and underappreciated in the face of all that trauma.

The bump in the road to happy ever after comes in the form of camp counselor and thorn in everyone’s side, Mia Rodriguez. Mia, for some unknown reason, seems to hate every other counselor at camp and has set her sights on Jace, so everyone (read Macey) better watch out.

This story arc was the part I had a problem with. Everything just felt rushed and far-fetched. From the faulty boats, to the fire ants and then the misconstrued paparazzi pictures, I felt that Mia and her villain-ness was just very lazy. After suffering through her scenes, we aren’t even rewarded with her getting her just desserts. The ending to Mia’s sub-plot felt very rushed, leaving me hanging with a feeling that I’d forgotten something important.

Finally, I loved Macey’s friends and family. From her parents and brother to Collin her hippy junior counselor, Reese, Emory, and even Jace, all her friends stood up for her. I love representations of healthy friendships with no toxic competitiveness and backstabbing.

All in all, this was a quick read with an interesting, diverse, and complex cast of characters and I would recommend it to anyone with free time on their hand and nothing to read. The ending could have better with all characters coming to a visible resolution, but I will give the author a pass this one time.

Rating: C+

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Her Hollywood Boyfriend
by KR Grace
Release Date: May 4, 2018


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