Review: Loving the Secret Billionaire by Adriana Anders

Reviewed by Sara

I became a huge fan of Adriana Anders last year after reading her Blank Canvas series, a dark and moody romance trilogy. So, I was very excited to see that she was publishing more books and then I saw the title. The title, Loving the Secret Billionaire, is the kind of title that usually has me automatically passing a book up. I’m tired of billionaires; they’ve literally and figuratively been done to death, and I don’t like secrets, but I took a chance on this novel and was thankfully pleasantly surprised.

Loving the Secret Billionaire is a beefed up and fleshed out revision of Adriana Anders’ novelette of the same name that was published in the Rogue Desire anthology (January 2018). The novel follows preschool teacher Veronica Cruz as she campaigns for city council against a sketchy, good ol’ boy opponent. Veronica is from a poor family, she takes the bus to campaign events because she can’t afford a car and she believes in helping people, saving lunch programs and keeping libraries open. She doesn’t espouse any particular party but it’s clear she leans left in her politics. I found her to be a truly lovely character, not preachy, but passionate and I wanted to see her get both the city council seat and her man.

On the campaign trail, she meets Zach Hubler. Instantly, the two hit it off. Zach is impressed with Veronica’s passion and conviction and Veronica is intrigued by the air of mystery that surrounds Zach. Soon, Zach, who just happens to be a billionaire computer, finance and hacking genius (Shhh! It’s a secret.), is helping Veronica with the practical needs of her campaign and also compiling some secret, less than legal assistance. While their romance burns hot and bright, trouble comes when Veronica discovers Zach’s hidden identity and all the types of help Zach’s been giving her campaign.

One of my favorite things about Loving the Secret Billionaire is that Zach isn’t just your average meddling billionaire. He’s not an alpha male, he’s not arrogant and, aside from some poor choices, he doesn’t try to mansplain Veronica’s campaign and convictions to her. What he is is a bit of a misanthrope, a virgin and blind. Zach’s blindness isn’t played up for sympathy or as a trite plot device; it’s simply a part of him. It affects every element of who Zach is from how he completes his daily tasks, decorates his house and how he expresses his attraction to Veronica. Zach isn’t written as smart and independent despite his blindness, he’s simply written as smart, independent and blind. One thing Zach’s blindness does affect, however, is how the sex scenes in Loving the Secret Billionaire are written. Due to the impairment of his sight, Zach’s point of view in the hot and steamy moments he has with Veronica are full of lush descriptions of smell, taste and texture. It’s good stuff. *waggles eyebrows*

Don’t let the awful title turn you off, Loving the Secret Billionaire is a sexy, sweet, albeit quick read. Veronica and Zach are easy to fall in love with and their story is an uplifting bit of fun in this current political climate. I’m looking forward to the next in the series.

Grade : A

*Book received from author for honest review

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Loving the Secret Billionaire
by Ariana Anders
Release Date: April 19, 2018



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