Review: Melt For You by JT Geissinger

Reviewed by Joanna

Joellen, a NYC-based editor, has zero self-esteem. In love for a decade with her boss at her publishing house, she can’t believe the guy would ever look at her twice, even if he’s about to get a divorce and has started hanging around her desk. She’s thirty-six and considers herself old, overweight and unattractive. Her life gets worse when her annoying new neighbor, a giant of a Scottish sportsman, plays rap music until the walls shake. Joellen has no problem giving him a piece of her mind, even if every time he answers the door, he’s half-naked (top half, silly. Where did your mind just go?)

To get him to shut up, Joellen bribes him with home-cooked meals, and for comfort-starved Cameron, this is a deal he can’t refuse. Despite Joellen’s frosty snark, they become kind of friends, and she confides in Cameron about her unrequited love. Overconfident Cameron, who’s constantly trying to get Joellen to admit she fancies him, decides he needs to teach this woman to kiss. After all, the boss is starting to pay attention, and she’s out of practice.

“Oh shut up, McGregor.”
“Never in a million years, lass, I’ve got too many brilliant ideas to share. Like this one, for instance. Are you ready?” He leans forward, his eyes shining like he’s about to dispense some illuminating morsel of galactic wisdom.
“I can hardly wait.”
“First, a question: when was the last time you kissed a man?”
I’m instantly, totally insulted. “Screw you!”
“I’m not insinuatin’ you’re a lesbian, if that’s what you think. Not that there’s anything wrong with bein’ a lesbian, that just wasn’t where I was headed.”
“You’re so lucky the knives are in a drawer on the other side of the kitchen, because if I had one in my hand right now, I’d gouge out your eyeballs.”

I must admit, I was somewhat irritated by this tale at the beginning. Joellen was so down on herself, it was wearying, and Cameron was incredibly chirpy despite the repeated rude exchanges between them. As one of the most famous sportsmen in the world, I couldn’t quite understand why he was staying in a low rent apartment, without relevant security, or how he was getting away without being recognized more. Or what his reason was for being in NYC for so long, other than to avoid scandal back home that seemed pretty avoidable.

But as the story went on, I warmed to the pair, and I liked their chats and the ‘practice on me’ approach to getting them together. Cameron’s charm, once laced with real, if hidden, feelings, became sweet and poignant.

Note: this is kind of love triangle, but there is no cheating and it ends in HEA.

Though part of a series, I couldn’t find an easy connection between this and the first novel, Burn For You, which had a vastly different feel. Where I adored that story, this wasn’t quite at the same level. Still, this is one of my favorite authors and I still read the book in two days. So there’s that.

Rating: C+/B-

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Melt For You
by JT Geissinger
Release Date: May 15, 2018
Publisher: Montlake Romance


  1. Sorry to hear that this one didn’t live up to the first. It sounds like a sexy story, but there’s something about it that has always stayed my hand from clicking the request button on NetGalley. Thanks for giving such an honest review on it. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. By no means was this a bad book – Geissinger is just too good a writer for that. It just wasn’t for me in the same way her other work has been. Possibly because the Scottish element isn’t as exotic for someone from the UK? I don’t know.

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