Review: Song of Blood and Stone by L. Penelope

Reviewed by Sara

A multifaceted fantasy, Song of Blood and Stone’s main character, Jasminda, is an orphaned goat farmer attempting to survive in a land where her race and magical ability mean she is a pariah. When she saves the life of soldier Jack she is thrust into an epic journey to save the nations of Lagrimari and Elsira and set right a century’s old wrong.

Jack is more than a spy or soldier, he’s the prince regent of Elsira and in the kindness and resolve of Jasminda, he’s found love, but can he and Jasminda be together when the nation, history and his own mistakes work against them?

More than once I’ve reviewed a book and complained about too much going on within the plot. While Song of Blood and Stone has a lot (A LOT!) going on, including the romance of Jack and Jasminda, Jasminda finding belonging, the story of Oola and Eero, the war with the True Father, etc, all are woven together to create what really is a complicated, but cohesive and truly epic story. I never once felt overwhelmed with the amount of plot points, but was eager to read more.

Within the complicated plot of Song of Blood and Stone are themes from recent history and the current news cycle including the horrors of living under a dictatorship, racism, fighting between religious groups, refugees fleeing oppression only to face media scrutiny and indifference among others. These elements aren’t included in a preachy or overwhelming way, but are part of the extensive and detailed world building of Song of Blood and Stone. The fact that the elements mirror our own existence allows for a stronger connection between readers and the characters of the story.

Song of Blood and Stone is listed as Fantasy, but, to me it’s more than that. There is definitely magic, mysticism and a kind of epicness that one finds in Fantasy novels, but also technology and media that gave it a Steampunk kind of vibe, as well as a fantastic Romance element. This is the kind of book fans of Amanda Bouchet’s Kingmaker Chronicles series, Ilona Andrews’ Edge series and Cora Carmack’s Stormheart series will enjoy.

Song of Blood and Stone really is a fantastic, original story with many great world building and elements that create a closer connection between reader and characters. I can’t wait for the next in the series.

Rating: A+

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Song of Blood and Stone
by L Penelope
Release Date: May 1, 2018
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

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