Review: The Makeover: A Modern Love Story by Nia Forrester

Reviewed by Debz

This is a contemporary romance between best friends, Sam and Colt. They have been best friends since they were in diapers and this was a story of their trip, ehhh, fall into love.

I admit, the name of the book had nothing to do with the story, so that confused me a little bit. I was hoping there would be no story arc where the heroine had to change herself to suit the expectations of love interest. Now back to the story.

The story begins with Sam and Colt in their habitat, Sam calling Colt to fix a faulty toilet and him dropping his date plans to do it for her. From the first sentence, you can tell and see and feel the romantic tension between our two main characters. Colt convinces Sam to come on his date/hangout type situation and then gets really jealous when Sam gets into a conversation with another guy at the bar whilst on his date. He ends the date abruptly and takes a drunk Sam home and there, the magic happens. Or starts to anyway.

I’m not going to lie, when I started reading this book, I thought both characters were Caucasians. And as an African myself, when I found out they were both African Americans, I had to sit back and think a little bit. I have read so many books with Caucasian characters that unless it is specifically mentioned in the blurb, the default setting in my brain is switched onto Caucasian characters. Even with the not so subtle hints on Colt being a basketball player, it still took the description of Sam’s hair about a third into the book for me to clue into the fact that both main characters were, for lack of a better term, black. This is a problem that I have to fix myself. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

Now back to the story. Sam and Colt after a few roadblocks of miscommunication and drunken regret, finally begin their relationship. I was very happy to see that their relationship started at the beginning of the book. I cannot stand long, drawn out sexual tension, except in a long series (I’m looking at you, Illona Andrews).

With most romance novels, there is an obstacle for the couple to overcome before they find their happily ever after. Normally, it is the obstinate male love interest who has never been in love and has no idea about how to not be a dickhead. However, in this book, the asshole was Sam. After pouting about their almost one night stand, Colt asks her to be his girlfriend. She accepts and proceeds to not tell anyone. She then forbids Colt from telling anyone as well, even their families. She doubts Colt’s intentions at every turn and doubts his every action. She looks for every reason to bolt and finally does that at the slightest provocation.

Honestly, Colt, the famous basketball superstar with so many women and ex girlfriends fighting for his attention was a saint. He put up with all of Sam’s insecurities and her attitude about his teammates and their spouses. He bought her tampons and soup when she needed them and was a regular prince charming.

My final verdict, this was a cutsy, fun read and it’s for anyone who loves that sub genre of best friends to lovers.

I give it a B. Because I give A’s sparingly.

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The Makeover: A Modern Love Story
by Nia Forrester
Release Date: April 1, 2018
Publisher: Stiletto Press

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