Review: Too Wilde to Wed by Eloisa James

Reviewed by Jen

Though I enjoyed the romance in the first book of this series, it was almost overshadowed by my interest in the secondary couple, the hero’s brother and his betrothed. So I was more than excited to start this book and read their full story.

North, heir to the Dukedom, and Diana were engaged in book one, but it seemed that she was far less enamored of the match than he was. In fact, she ran away and jilted him before that book was done. It ended with him finding her hidden away in a cottage with a crying baby. All signs pointed to her having given birth, but we learn quickly that the child actually was a bastard born of her deceased sister. Diana refuses to let the baby grow up in an orphanage, so she has taken responsibility for him.

Anyway, North disappears for a while and goes off to fight in the American revolution. When he returns, he discovers that she is now living in his family home, raising the baby and acting as a governess to his niece. Society believes the child she brought with her is his. But rather than lashing out, he is surprisingly magnanimous. It’s sets the stage for us to see his true character.

I liked North a lot. Especially once we learn how he really turned himself inside out to woo Diana in the first place. He loved her then, even though he really barely knew her. And as he gets to know her true character here, he loves her all the more. Add to that, the poor guy is suffering from the effects of the war. He just wants the comfort that Diana can provide.

Diana, on the other hand? Eh. I can appreciate her desire to care for her nephew. And I can even understand doing whatever it takes in order to protect him. She was truly trapped into her betrothal, so guess I understand her early behaviors. But later? When she really starts to fall for North, the reasons they could not be together did not ring true. It basically boils down to her repetitive mantra that she did not want to be a duchess. It was hard to sympathize. It’s not like he was asking her to live in a hovel or cut off her arm. The guy was asking her to marry him over and over again and she kept saying no. And the reason was so, so, so flimsy.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the book. I did. It’s just that Diana frustrated me in the second half. There was a really good tension between her and North. And there were ample sexy times, which I thought were well done, even as I was a bit surprised with how easily she gave up her virginity and how easily he took it. After all, her sister’s illegitimate child seemed like a pretty big warning sign. And he was very worried about doing right by her.

Despite a kind of silly foray into Diana trying life as a barmaid, the ending does satisfy. And I am, again, excited for the next couple, no doubt Lavina and her nemesis. I will be there to check out their story as well.

Rating: B

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Too Wilde to Wed
by Eloisa James
Release Date: May 29, 2018
Publisher: Avon

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