Review: Coming Home to Crimson by Michelle Major

Reviewed by Sara

When Cole, the sheriff of small town Crimson, Colorado, pulls over a speeding Porsche, he’s more annoyed than curious about the car’s occupant. Inside is Sienna Crenshaw, the estranged sister of the beleaguered mayor of Crimson, Jase, and to say that she has issues is a huge understatement. Sienna hasn’t been back to Crimson since her parents split up and she and her mother left her father and brother. It’s been 20 years and she hasn’t heard from her father or brother. She is hurt and angry and, thanks to a cheating fiance and a mother who wants her to forgive him, very, very alone. Cole’s annoyance doesn’t last long and he soon finds himself drawn to the Crimson newcomer, but Cole has his own demons. Coming Home to Crimson follows Cole and Sienna as they battle the past towards a future together.

Characters Cole and Sienna check off a ton of boxes on the stereotypical Romance Main Character Survey. Sheriff Cole is a former army brat, has an irresponsible twin brother and is afraid to love. Sienna, on the other hand is an overachiever with a vague job that allows her to disappear for weeks on end, daddy issues and a fear that she’s lousy at sex. The thing is, they work. These characters, while not necessarily original, are likable and dynamic. It’s easy to become invested in their well-being and growth. The side characters are equally predictable, but interesting enough that I’d considered buying the next book in the Crimson, Colorado series just to see how they turn out.

Likewise, the plot of Coming Home to Crimson is formulaic and unsurprising. As the reader it was easy to guess the twists and turns that might occur in the the story, but, in this case, this is precisely why this book was enjoyable. Complex storylines and character arcs are great, but sometimes, as a reader I just want to escape a bit and maybe check my brain at the door. This doesn’t mean that Coming Home to Crimson is any less well-written than any other novel, it simply means that if you were to purchase the book you would get exactly what you paid for – a well-written love story set in small town Colorado with family drama added for conflict.

Coming Home to Crimson isn’t breaking any new literary ground; it’s a Contemporary Romance with a romance that’s so quick it’s almost insta-love and family drama, but that doesn’t mean it was awful. In what looks like book 10 of the Crimson, Colorado series, Michelle Majors has created an enjoyable little world in the Colorado Rockies with well written characters that make this novel perfect for a quick reading getaway.

Rating: B-

*ARC obtained from publisher for honest review.

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Coming Home to Crimson
by Michelle Major
Release Date: June 1, 2018
Publisher: Harlequin Special Edition

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