Review: Ghost’s Sight by Morwen Navarre

Reviewed by Ronelle

Following her visions, the Witch seeks out a child, one plagued by dreams and visions he cannot explain, and in time he becomes her new apprentice healer. ‘Ghost’ is an apt moniker, for the boy is pale as the Northers who live at the top of the world and as shy and quiet as the phantom for which he is named. For many years, it is just the two of them.

When Gerry, a rugged and headstrong hunter, is brought to the Witch for healing, something awakens in Ghost. Gerry does not reject Ghost as an outcast, as many others would, and he finds the strange young man beguiling and mysterious. He declares his intent to claim Ghost as his own and all should be happily ever after for them.

But when Ghost is kidnapped by a rogue ranger, Gerry will need to hunt a lethal and unpredictable prey, and Ghost will need to use all his skill to survive until Gerry can find him.


This one was…hard to pin down. The romance was almost too simple and the thing as a whole read more like an outline than a fully-fleshed-out story, but I found that I enjoyed the bare-bones nature of it. Rather than be frustrated by the lack of detailed background, I was intrigued, and I’d like to see more stories take place in this world of ruined cities, relics, witches, and rangers.

There were a limited number of characters—only six—and though none of them were given a ton of development, they played their parts well. Conn was the only one who really ‘grew’ as a person, but his growth/the lesson he learned about not being a dickhead was important for the plot. The person I thought would be the villain wasn’t, which was kind of a nice surprise even if the actual bad guy came out of nowhere. Gerry and Ghost were sweet together and while I would normally complain about the abrupt beginning to their sexual relationship, I got the impression that life in their world was hard and you have to seize love and happiness when you find it. The two sexual scenes were brief and not overly descriptive, which seemed to fit the rest of the minimalistic style.

Ghost’s Sight didn’t necessarily have an overarching plot, lurking villain, or major conflict, and I thought the climax lacked suspense, but the HEA was nice and there were no real loose ends. I found myself with a lot of questions, mostly about Ghost but also about why the world was the way it was, and those questions weren’t answered. Hence the reason I’m hoping for more stories in this setting. This story was more of a snapshot, or maybe a jumping-off point, than anything truly substantial.

My only complaint, and the reason this is a B- rating, is about the writing style. For the most part, it had a pretty decent flow and it wasn’t hard to get immersed in the story. BUT when Ghost and Gerry were together, Ms. Navarre switched to this stilted style that used their names instead of pronouns. I think the author was trying to keep herself and the reader from getting confused about whose hands, mouths, junk, etc. were where and doing what, but passages like “Gerry had to bite back another groan, this one coaxed forth by Gerry’s desire” and “Ghost gave a whisper-soft moan as Gerry felt Ghost’s member pressed between them” just gave the scene a cold, detached quality that didn’t appeal to me. It sucked all the warmth out of things that should have been passionate and sweet, and instead left them reading as almost clinical.

Bottom line: Cleanly edited and unique, Ghost’s Sight made for a nice little foray into a new world. I recommend this to anyone looking for a quick read of light MM romance in a sci-fi/fantasy setting.

Rating: B-

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Ghost’s Sight
by Morwen Navarre
Release Date: June 11, 2018
Publisher: NineStar Press

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