Review: Her Super-Secret Rebound Boyfriend by Kerri Carpenter

Reviewed by Caitlin

So far, every review I’ve written for this site has had an element of fake relationship in it. I swear I read other things.

Her Super-Secret Rebound Boyfriend is cute and light-hearted, and I genuinely liked the heroine. It seemed to hint at a romance for the hero’s sister and his best friend, which I admit I was curious about.

Lola McBride is 26 years old and freshly dumped by her boyfriend for a 22-year-old girl who is hotter than she is – his words. Brutal. Seems like a catch. Her roommate Frankie, a Golden Girls aficionado and serial dater, convinces Lola to crash a 10-year high school reunion in a sexier-than-usual outfit to find a man and bring him home for a good old-fashioned one-night-stand.

Luke Erickson is 28 years old and freshly returned to his hometown after a stint in San Francisco and then in Manhattan. He catches Lola out on her lie – she was pretending to be someone he dated – and asks her to lie to his family and be his fake girlfriend for a family reunion.

I’m not mad at this setup, and I enjoyed the book while reading it. Carpenter’s writing style is easy to read. There are just a few details that made it really difficult for me.

Lola literally has no family left. Luke has a great family that keeps pressuring him to find a girlfriend, so he figures it will be easier to lie at the reunion. The reunion, from what I can tell, lasts a few hours. Dude, you can’t stand your family asking questions about your love life for a few hours? That is weak. Also, bringing someone who lost her parents at such a young age to lie to your family to get them off your back seems… callous.

Which is actually the best word to describe our hero. Callous. Yes, his father left him and his mom and his triplet sisters (one year younger than he is) when he was 5 because he couldn’t hack it. Yes, that will screw him up when it comes to relationships. And yes, Luke is the hottest guy Lola has ever seen. But I really didn’t get any good qualities from him. He has a good job and owns a nice apartment. He loves his family, but he’s also is willing to lie to his family to get out of annoying questions. He’s attracted to Lola – which is a bonus for him, because she’s great – but apparently every single woman he dated before her was a vapid airhead with nice boobs (they used the word “fake” like a pejorative, which rubs me the wrong way). There’s a lot of “she’s not like the other girls you date” which is always a bummer.

And… that’s it. I didn’t see a lot of wit coming from him like I did Lola. There are no fun activities he likes to do, whereas Lola is part of a weekly rogue bocce game. He surprises her at work after meeting her a few days earlier, which I personally thought was creepy. He is impressed she orders pizza instead of a salad which made me eye roll real hard. I wanted to like Luke – I always want to like the hero – but I just did not.

Also, their first kiss was straight out of the Jon Heder/Will Ferrell Blades of Glory movie that nobody saw. Lola tells Luke the story of how her parents died, and he chooses that moment to kiss her. What? No! That is not romantic! DO NOT DO THAT.

I will say that the sex scenes that came up later were solid and fairly sexy, which does bump the grade up a bit. And I’ll keep an eye out for this author – the story was cute, even if some of the details and plot points had me groaning, and it was an easy read – but I hope the next hero doesn’t turn me into an angry feminist grump. That’s for my twitter feed, not my reading time đŸ™‚

Grade: B-/C+

*ARC provided by publisher

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Her Super-Secret Rebound Boyfriend
by Kerri Carpenter
Release Date: June 11, 2018
Publisher: Entangled

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