Review: Oath Forger (#2-#5) by Nia Mars

Reviewed by Ronelle

There’s a saying on Earth: “Fake it till you make it.” But Ava Smith isn’t on Earth anymore. In fact, she’s about as far from her old scavenger life in the Dallas Colony as she could possibly get. Still pretending to be the Oath Forger, her new motto is: “Fake it till you get caught.”

She’s doing the best she can, though. Honest.

And as if that wasn’t headache enough for one Earth-girl, she also finds herself falling hopelessly in love with the five hottest, most powerful rulers in the galaxy, all of whom want to be her first—and then some.

Who will she choose? Weeeell…


I know, I know; I should have written one review for each book, but I devoured them back-to-back and now I can’t separate the events in my head. I just couldn’t bring myself to put the series aside long enough to write in between each book. So, ya’ll are just going to have to forgive me for giving you one review for four books.

I’m totally in love with Ava (not that way!). She’s badass and snarky, and watching her navigate the totally bewildering circumstances of her new position was riveting. Her character was relatable and surprisingly well-balanced; her life on a devastated Earth made her strong, but that same strength came with some blind spots. When she messed up, she owned it. She showed great compassion for the people that most higher-ups ignore, and she was smart enough to know when she needed help. Her experiences (and her reactions to them) made me laugh and even cry a couple of times. She’s just a great heroine. We also get to know the kreks, and I’m just going to warn you now: you’re gonna need something to wipe the drool off your chin.

The first Oath Forger book had some definite sexual tension between Ava and Koah, but it’s multiplied exponentially as each subsequent krek is worked into the story. Each book is also increasingly more explicit in the frequency and intensity of the romance scenes. The sex is pretty detailed, though Ms. Mars achieved a nice balance between sensual and explicit, and there’s more than just Ava + one. This is, after all, a reverse harem story with five men! Even with all that, however, the characters are really well developed and we get to know them better as they interact with Ava. It would have been so easy for Ms. Mars to let them blend together into an indistinguishable attractive-alien-overlord stereotype, especially considering the commonalities they shared, but she didn’t. She gave each krek his own distinct style, personality, and quirks, and I found that I liked each for different reasons. It was impossible to pick a favorite, though Tiam and Roax would be in the running. All five are head-over-heels in love with Ava and she with them. Those blossoming relationships—and the struggles they face along the way—add a very intimate element to balance the politics, treachery, and intergalactic going’s on, and super-hot sack sessions.

My only complaint—and the reason this isn’t an A+ rating—is the editing. While there aren’t a ton of typos, the ones I came across were the kind that a spellchecker should have caught. I have a suspicion that Ms. Mars got a little rushed in trying to stick to her publish-one-each-week timeframe, and that last run-through got skipped. Hopefully, she’ll go back and fix them.

Bottom line: What a fantastic sci-fi romance series! Sure, they’re short and could easily have been combined into one book, but I like the idea of the serial releases. I highly recommend Oath Forger to anyone who loves a fast-paced, well-plotted, sizzling-hot reverse harem with a strong heroine at its center, and a HEA. Seriously, I can’t encourage you enough to read these! Sorry, I’m fan-girling a little…

Rating: A

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Oath Forger (Books 2-5)
by Nia Mars
Release Date: March 6, 2018


  1. Wow! Sounds great. I’ve never read a reverse harem but the serial style is clever. Nice

  2. I love sci-fi romance and the first one is free so it’s easy to try it. Anne – Books of My Heart

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