Review: Prisoner of the Crown by Jeffe Kennedy

Reviewed by Jen

Let me start by saying what a huge fan I have been of the 12 Kingdoms series. When I heard the next book would feature a Dasnarian princess, I figured this was Jenna’s story and I was pretty excited. What I didn’t expect was a set-up for a trilogy on her story. (For fans of the series, remember, Jenna was the older sister who Harlan helped escape from an abusive husband. It was quite the mystery and now we are finally learning what happened.)

Here’s the thing, though. This is not a romance. This is the story of Jenna’s life leading up to the point in which her infamous escape took place. We have seen Dasnarian culture before. It is highly unfavorable to women and that is in full force here. Jenna, just like every other woman, is a commodity. She has no rights. She is not allowed any knowledge or opinions of her own. And when faced with unimaginable cruelty, there is nothing she can do but take it.

The book is very well written, which is a good and a bad thing. Good, because I was completely engrossed in the story, but bad because I was horrified and it made my heart hurt. The abuse is horrific. And while the author does not go into gratuitous detail, what is on page is enough to make you want to look away. True enough, there were difficult portions in some of the other (12 Kingdoms) books, especially in Ursula’s story. But this is an entirely different level.

As always, the world building is fantastic and immersive. It’s just that the world is awful. I loved seeing young Harlan and young Kral. And, of course, the sisters we met in Kral’s book. And the ending is like a warm light at the end of a very very dark tunnel.

It is a difficult journey, but an important one. The character development for Jenna was very well done. And, for sure, I will be back for the next book to see the next leg of her journey. Just be warned, there is a lot of darkness here. And again, I cannot stress this enough, no romance. Maybe, hopefully, somewhere in the trilogy, Jenna will meet a man that teaches her the other side of a relationship. One that is about caring and loving instead of causing pain and misery.

This one is worth reading, just know what you’re getting into before you start.

Rating: B

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Prisoner of the Crown
by Jeffe Kennedy
Release Date: June 12, 2018
Publisher: Rebel Base Books


  1. I still want to get to this author since Amid the Winter Snow. I will. Anne – Books of My Heart

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