Review: Twisted Truths by Rebecca Zanetti

Reviewed by Jaimie

I am SO sad to be writing the final review for the Blood Brothers series by Rebecca Zanetti. This one and the Sin Brothers series, which are related, are two of my all-time favorite series and the final installment was bittersweet. Twisted Truths gave us Denver’s story and I could tell from the way he was hitting the bottle in the two previous books to forget Noni that his was going to be great. It did not disappoint!

Noni, a business owner who makes lotions and creams, is in a desperate situation. Her niece has been kidnapped and Noni is frantically trying to rescue her from her gangster father. The man likely killed her sister and Noni was named as the baby’s guardian. For now it is just her and her two aunts chasing dangerous criminals around the country but she knows she’s in over her head. Swallowing her pride, she posts all over the internet looking for the man who broke her heart the year before. Unfortunately for Noni, by plastering pictures of herself and Denver, she has welcomed Denver’s enemies to come after her as well.

Denver Jones walked away from Noni for her own good. Knowing he needed to take down Cobb and Madison and may not survive, he didn’t want them knowing about his connection to her or that he cared for her. However, Noni’s very public postings made that irrelevant because the picture was plastered all over the internet now. Denver tracks her down only to find that she’s been hunting gang bangers and her life is in danger for more than one reason. With Cobb and Madison closing in on him, Denver gets overwhelmed wondering if he can possibly save everyone.

Noni and Denver were an amazing couple. Naturally, because this was their story, the book was focused on setting the stage for their HEA, but since Twisted Truths needed to wrap up the entire arc from both series, there was a lot going on. Despite that, and despite that we had the chance to see every major character from both series, I never felt as though Denver and Noni’s story was compromised. Noni obviously loves him but she has a steel core and is determined to find that baby no matter who she has to plow through to do it. Denver is your usual alpha man but he had a really sweet side, especially when it came to dealing with the baby that just melts your heart.

The showdown with Cobb and Madison was satisfying after reading all the books in the series, and I’m glad it wasn’t a long, drawn out, five chapter thing. I actually thought the way it wrapped was appropriate. I really loved that at the end we saw everyone living their HEA together as a family because it would have been disappointing if we didn’t get resolution from both series. The “twist” was fairly easy to figure out but that didn’t dampen my enjoyment of the book. I think this wound up being my favorite from all the books in both series.

I am sad to see these stories end, but I’m looking forward to checking out more of Ms. Zanetti’s books. I love the way she writes her women as fierce and independent and her men as overbearing idiots who are redeemable when all is said and done. Denver and Noni were the perfect way to wrap it all up.

Rating: A

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Twisted Truths
by Rebecca Zanetti
Release Date: November 14, 2017
Publisher: Forever

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