Review: A Girl Like Her by Talia Hibbert

Reviewed by Debz

Right off the bat, I have to say that I appreciate literary works about and including characters with disabilities, but especially mental disabilities. This is why I gravitate towards TV shows like The Good Doctor, Parenthood, Scorpion and books like this. I especially like when the characters are fleshed out, normal human beings and not cardboard stereotypes. So thank you, Talia Hibbert.

Ruth Kabba is an online comic book writer in the small town of Ravenswood. She has her mother and sister, Hannah, as her only family and she’s okay with that. Unknown to everyone in town, Ruth has been in a relationship with the town heartthrob, Daniel Burne, for 7 years. A 7 year secret relationship y’all. Until Daniel calls Ruth on the day of his engagement party to tell her about the said engagement and remind her that this changes nothing in their relationship. Everything is not okay!!!!

Ruth is the social outcast of her town. Called a whore and home wrecker by Daniel and his cohorts, she has retreated into her house and her head, where everything is much easier.

Evan is the newest metal smith in town. A veteran and war hero, he is glad to find a job that caters to his very specific skills. He also wants to know his new neighbor. This man awake at odd hours of the night and very clumsy, if you count all the smashes and falls. So Evan decides to a make a welcome meal to introduce himself.

Surprise, surprise, it is not a man he meets but the enigmatic, blunt and very funny Ruth. She is skeptical of the free food offered by Evan, but she agrees to take the dinner on the condition that Evan borrows some of her comics and reads them. A routine is formed and Evan can’t help but fall in love with this wonderful woman.

I’ve read a couple of books by Talia Hibbert and I love all of them. I have never found any one hard to read, so it was not a surprise to me that I loved this one as well. This one is really special to me, as Ruth is on the autism spectrum. It shows when she doesn’t know how to have spontaneous conversations and would rather prepare or not have it all. It also shows when she accepts all the shit handed out to her by the townspeople because she feels she deserves whatever ridicule hurled at her.

Evan is such a wonderful supporting hero. He wants to protect Ruth but also knows that she is an independent person capable of thought and deciding for herself. He listens to her and acts from her cues. Swoooooon for a man strong enough not to always lead his relationship.

Daniel Burne, the ex, however, was a special breed of creep and that was entertaining to see. I have read so many books with creepy exes, but he takes the cup. He’s the worst. What is it with men and secret relationships???? This is the 2nd book I’m reading this month with this trope. It makes for a good book, but, some men are just too cowardly.

All in all, I can’t see anything to criticize in this book. The main characters were the bomb, the side characters were so well fleshed out you feel like you live in Ravenswood as well. The dialouge was great. I’ve got to stop fan-girling now. Read the book.

Rating: A

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A Girl Like Her
by Talia Hibbert
Release Date: March 14, 2018
Publisher: Nixon House

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