Review: A Royal Secret by V. Vee

Reviewed by Debz

My second Royal Romance; forgive me guys. The internet suggests books based on what I’ve already read. This is not fully on purpose (I think).

Here we meet Valerie Hall on a girls trip with her besties in Europe. They are about to run with bulls and have a fun holiday. She meets a fellow adventure seeker who then asks her out for a date and drinks. Turns out, he is Prince Algerone, the Crown Prince of Malvidence and an international playboy. Her friends try to warn her to tread, lightly but she is in love. It seems he is as well.

This seems like a normal fluffy romance until you read on and find out that Valerie and Algerone get married within about 3 months and have been married for 14 years by the time Chapter 1 begins. This is not a normal marriage, however, because Algerone has not told any member of his family about his marriage. Even with FIVE (5) children with Valerie in America, he still insists on keeping them a secret for their protection.

Honestly, while this intrigued me and drew me into reading the book, it was also the source of my greatest frustration. I mean, how cowardly are you to keep your family a secret for no justifiable reason? He never even explains his reasons. It is not because Valerie is African American and he is afraid of racism in his country; there was never any allusion to the fact that his parents or the country would not let him marry a commoner and foreigner. He just doesn’t tell anyone.

Valerie has to raise five children on her own with intermittent visits from her deadbeat husband and endure strangers speculating about her life. Why does she have five kids and no husband? Are the children from the same man, or has she been sleeping around? Honestly, this was a mess.

More on the story: after the children start acting out because of the absence of their father and the abuse they have had to receive, Algerone decides to pop in and remind them that he will soon tell his family about them. Valerie thankfully grows a pair and tells him she wants a trial separation, seeing as she’s a single parent anyway. Algerone vows that this time, he will tell his family.

Unbeknownst to him, his parents already know and decide to announce his engagement to another woman to force his hand. He finally acknowledges his family and they live happily ever after, with a sprinkle of hissy fits and assassination attempts of course.

I do not have to love the characters in a book to grudgingly accept that it kept my attention (I was awake till 3am finishing it on a weekday). Funny observation, though, the author or the editor prefers to refer to ‘God’ as ‘G-d’. What that for?????

All in all, it gets a C

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A Royal Secret
by V Vee
Release Date: June 21, 2018

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