Review: Breathing Vapor by Cynthia Sax

Reviewed by Jen

There were enough sexy times that pushed my buttons in the first installment of this series that I thought it would be worth it to keep going. I had mixed feelings about that book, but I had hoped that my personal problems with it might be limited to that particular storyline. In one big way, it was. But I found that too many other issues persisted to jump right in to book three after this.

Breathing Vapor features an entirely new set of cyborgs than the first installment did. Though the world is the same, the characters have all been reset. The plot, however, largely mirrors its predecessor. A group of warrior cyborgs who wants to escape their evil human jailers and join their brethren on the exclusively cyborg planet, Homeworld. As the others were, the cyborgs are badly mistreated and want to kill every human they meet. In the end, they decide against that because it might draw too much attention to the cyborg ability to rebel. And many of their brothers would be decommissioned. So they agree to pick just one human to focus their rage on and make it look like an accident.

The leading candidate is Mira, daughter of the designer of all cyborgs. She is as mean as can be, and though no one has ever seen her physically abuse a cyborg, her tongue lashings are legend. Vapor is the strongest of the group and just so happens to be drawn to her. He considers her his female, but he will investigate to see if she is worthy of death and will do the deed if necessary.

Of course Mira is not who she seems. She puts on her icy persona to keep herself above suspicion among humans while she helps the cyborgs in small ways. So instead of Vapor killing her, his desire for her only grows.

The premise is fine. It’s not even terrible that it is so much like the first book. What I did not enjoy were the continuing Dom/sub themes. It may even be worse here, because now spanking is involved. And Vapor has sex with Mira in front of one of his friends to teach her a lesson. I am not about all that, y’all. I know plenty of readers are, and if this is your cuppa tea, jump right into these books; you might love them. For me, though, it is a huge turn off.

Even if that does not persist throughout the series, it’s clear that the Insta nature of these relationships will. That, and the heroine begging the hero to fill her with his nanocybotics. There is a guilty pleasure thread, but I found myself cringing more than enjoying the campy sexiness of it all. Largely, because this brand of sexy is just not for me.

There is a decent side plot that delves into the good deeds Mira is trying to do and some heartbreak for her as it does not all come together. But at the end of the day, what this really is about is the joining of her with her cyborg.

This series get such great reviews and if my hangups aren’t yours, you may enjoy them too. I’m just not sure they’re right for me.

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Breathing Vapor
by Cynthia Sax
Release Date: November 17, 2018


  1. You do such a great job reviewing even when the book turns out not to be a fit for you. I probably have the same hangups as you. lol Anne – Books of My Heart

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