Review: Captivated by Tessa Bailey and Eva Dangerfield

Reviewed by Sara

It would be really easy to classify authors’ Tessa Bailey and Eva Dangerfield’s novel Captivated as a quick and dirty Erotic Romance. The book isn’t particularly long and the events in it happen quickly and without preamble. It’s also incredibly sexual and deals with the more taboo fantasy of forced submission.

Autumn, an Aussie transplant, freshly broken up with her cheating, comedian boyfriend has a run in with her landlord, Blake. During this run in, her fantasies, that just happen to be with Blake, come to light. They’re dark and illicit and Blake, who is more or less a shut-in, is moved by them and agrees to some role play with Autumn if she’ll go on three dates with him. This leads to more than just sex and eventually the two are wrapped up in a whirlwind romance that has them questioning their pasts and futures as individuals and as a couple.

Dangerfield and Bailey have done a fabulous job of creating a really sexy story while also dealing with some very complex issues. Obviously the issue of consent is foremost in Captivated as it relates specifically to Autumn’s fantasies. In every interaction with Blake, there is consent. It is never dubious, never unspoken, it is loud and clear and present in every interaction the two lovers have. Blake is constantly ensuring that Autumn is comfortable and without fear. He understands his position of power over Autumn and does everything in his power to make her feel less vulnerable. This contrasts sharply with the character of Autumn’s ex boyfriend whose behavior, although more mainstream (he sends Autumn an unsolicited dick pic) causes Autumn to feel violated and dirty.

Captivated not only deals with the issue of consent but also the way a person can be held captive by the events of their past, societal and familial expectations and choices made as a result of these things. Both Autumn and Blake are held captive by these factors. Blake has become an anti-social shut-in because of a breach of trust and Autumn is stuck at a personal and professional crossroads because of poor relationship choices and a desire to get away from her family. As these two open up and become vulnerable to each other in the bedroom (and the hallway, on the desk, in the restaurant, etc), they also become vulnerable and open with their issues and pasts, and ultimately become the means for the other to break free from their personal prisons.

I don’t always care for co-written books. Sometimes it’s all too obvious when one writer finishes and another takes up the story. Dangerfield and Bailey write seamlessly together. Not once during this book did I sense the switch from one writer’s style to the other. It was cohesive and the plot flowed without interruption.

The particular fantasies in Captivated might be a mark against it for some readers, but for those who enjoy, great characters that grow together and complex issues, as well as hot sex, this is a fantastic read.

Rating: A-

Purchased for my own personal use and enjoyment with my own money.

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by Tessa Bailey & Eve Dangerfield
Release Date: June 11, 2018


  1. I also worry about co-writing not being fluid. Glad to know this one works. Excellent review!

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