Review: Disciplined by the Duke by Alyson Chase

Reviewed by Caitlin

Disciplined by the Duke is the first in the Lords of Discipline series. So far there are three books out, and so far all three are very good. I might like this first one best because the build up is so incredibly hot, but the other two are definitely worthy follow-ups.

The year is 1813. Elizabeth Wilcox is being blackmailed by the Earl of Westmore. Her sister, Amanda, is in Newgate for murdering their father – sticking a knife in his ribs after years of sexual abuse when it became clear he was about to move on to Elizabeth. Westmore is corrupt and has the ear of the judge in Amanda’s trial. He will release Amanda if Elizabeth does what he asks.

It’s been a year of living under his awful thumb, doing unpleasant tasks that aren’t always quite legal. Now, though, he has given her the final task that will ensure her freedom. If she gets a certain letter currently in the Duke of Montague’s possession and brings it back to him, Westmore will free Amanda. Westmore has even gotten Elizabeth a job as a chambermaid at Montague’s country estate.

Elizabeth, raised as the daughter of a (sexually abusive and evil) gentleman, is not quite prepared for life as a chambermaid, but she performs her tasks admirably well. She’ll do anything to save her sister, and she won’t give Westmore any reason to continue this torture. The thing is, Montague isn’t a typical toff. He’s ridiculously handsome and strong and he talks to her as if she’s a person. There’s one scene in particular where he’s training puppies to be hunting dogs that sticks out.

Montague, though, has certain predilections that he usually takes care of at a Venus club called The Black Rose. He’s a dominant who enjoys doling out punishment. Whips, rulers, anything to bring pleasure to his submissive. He can’t help notice his new chambermaid, who seems to have an impressive amount of control he finds very alluring. Montague isn’t the type to go after a chambermaid, however. That kind of behavior is crass and goes against his personal moral code.

Against their better judgment, both Montague and Elizabeth find excuses to seek the other out. Elizabeth sees one of the other chambermaids being disciplined by the butler and clearly enjoying it, and Montague forces her to analyze her own reaction. Montague starts to hope, even as he knows nothing can come of it, that Elizabeth is exactly the kind of sexual submissive he’s looking for.

Montague is perfect – one of my new very favorite heroes in the romance genre. He’s a spy for the government. He’s strong and commanding and very alpha. But he very firmly believes in not taking advantage of his staff, so this story avoids an ick factor that often accompanies the “he’s her boss” trope in romance novels. He falls for Liz almost immediately, and he recognizes it swiftly and tries to figure out how he can set her up in his life permanently. He is kind and loving and moral and not prone to the kinds of tantrums I sometimes see in alpha heroes in historical romances. Plus, he dominates in bed, and that is sexy AF.

Like I said – he’s perfect.

The sexual tension in their meetings before they both finally give in to their lust is incredibly hot, but at its core, this novel is a sweet story about two strong and likable people finding their way to a shared life together. The romance is sweet and well-done, the action scenes are exciting, and it sets up for a great 5-book series (still waiting on the last two!).

Rating: A-

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Disciplined by the Duke
by Alyson Chase
Release Date: August 15, 2017
Publisher: Swerve


  1. This sounds great! I think I’ll pick it up

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