Review: Gaslight by Dannika Dark

Reviewed by Elise

Gaslight is the 4th installment of Dannika Dark’s Crossbread series.

‘Vampire trafficking is a sinister business, and nobody knows that better than Keystone. After Raven discovers hidden clues in a cold case, the group sets a trap in hopes of catching an elusive criminal. But when the plan backfires, Raven’s world is thrown into chaos, and Christian’s loyalty is put to the ultimate test.

Buried secrets come to light, and the only thing keeping Raven grounded is her insatiable thirst for vengeance. The stakes are high as they travel to a place where the landscapes are as treacherous as the immortals who live there. This time, there’s no room for mistakes. Will Raven have the courage to tame the violence in her heart before it swallows her whole?’

Thus far I have thoroughly enjoyed the Crossbread series. Raven Black is a flawed but likable character. Across the course of the previous three books, she has shown the potential for change towards more a fulfilling and purposeful life than the isolated, lonely and murderous life she was leading. I hesitate to say this book has been a backward step in light of the progress Raven has made. Maybe a pause or side shuffle instead. Raven is dealing with her suffering in a less homicidal way than she has in the past, but she turns to her old habits of not confiding in those there to support her. She tends to go it alone in a ‘trust no-one’ fashion. This extends to her budding romance with Christian. Possibly the slowest burn romance around.

The romance between this star-crossed pair has had a lot of build up. A LOT of build up. Sexual tension has been thick and gaining traction and this book grinds all that to a screeching halt. It’s somewhat frustrating for the reader to have been so close to this pair finally sealing the deal only to have Raven’s vile maker throw a rather large spanner in the works. All I can say is that when it happens for Raven and Christian, I sure hope it’s spectacular (once I finish my happy dance, I’ll be able to judge that!)

The action is where this story differs from the other books in this series. Yes, we learn more about Raven’s mysterious vampire maker; yes, we find out a little more about Shepard and his woes; and yes, we learn some more of Nico’s backstory, but these threads are left tangled. There is no sense of conclusion to the woes of the Keystone team and this book very much leaves the reader eagerly awaiting more. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.

Rating: B+

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by Dannika Dark
Release Date: February 18, 2018


  1. I absolutely LOVE this series and the blow to Raven and Christian’s relationship in this book had me cussing a blue streak. I was pretty upset. I am excited to see how everything progresses in the next book.

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