Review: Loving the Wounded Warrior by Adriana Anders

Reviewed by Sara

Adriana Anders has a way of using her novels to discuss very real societal issues, while also providing the escape many readers look for in a romance novel. Loving the Wounded Warrior is an example of this particular skill.

Kurt is a man left broken by his military service and the loss of a friend and fellow marine to suicide. He is pushing this same friend’s empty wheelchair up a mountain when he is nearly run off the road by O’Neal. O’Neal isn’t just the baby sister of Kurt’s best friend, a girl he crushed on, but she was also the intrepid high school reporter whose article on a concussion Kurt received due to football, led to the derailment of his college football career.

O’Neal has always been curious. Looking for the story in others’ experiences has helped her to avoid her own issues. She has trouble processing physical affection, is emotionally blunt, and has a career that she loves in theory, but is failing at in reality. Once she discovers the man with the wheelchair is Kurt, she’s even more curious than she normally is and she can’t let him or his story get away.

More than a little bourbon and a single sleeping bag bring these two flawed individuals together in an explosion of physical passion. That’s only the beginning, though. Can Kurt learn to heal from the past and O’Neal drop the story for the man Kurt is so they can have a future once they descend the mountain?

I love plucky, but complex female protagonists and angsty, dark and damaged male protagonists. I love watching two people with quirks and issues come to a place where they can see past what separates them in the name of love and passion. Adriana Anders does just this with Kurt and O’Neal. After a bit of liquid courage and some verbal foreplay, these two get down to business and I love the fantasy of it. It’s well played out, seems natural and the secret Kurt’s keeping makes the whirlwind romance and passionate night on the mountain totally sexy and fun.

I also love a smart Romance that uses current events to further the plot and Adriana Anders has shown time and again that this is something she excels in. The issue of Kurt and his friend’s military service, there inability to fit in after returning home, and the lack of resources provided by the VA for veterans suffering from PTSD is never lost or treated flippantly in the story. It is just as essential to the natural progression of the plot as the romance between Kurt and O’Neal. I was happy to learn more about this serious issue affecting veterans and never once felt that it overwhelmed the plot or that Anders was promoting any kind of partisan agenda.

If you like sexy, smart Romances, you’ll love Adriana Anders’ Loving the Wounded Warrior.

Rating: A-

*I bought this for myself with my money.

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Loving the Wounded Warrior
by Adriana Anders
Release Date: June 14, 2018

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