Review: Making Up by Lucy Parker

Reviewed by Caitlin

I’ve been putting off this review because I couldn’t figure out what to write about it. This is the third book in Lucy Parker’s London Celebrities series and it has my two favorite leads so far. The book was funny and endearing, and I really enjoyed getting to know Trix and Leo. I’m a sucker for the strong, silent type who isn’t also a dick, and Leo fills that role nicely.

Trix Lane is a performer in The Festival of Masks, a Cirque-du-Soleil type show enjoying a good run in London. She is incredibly talented, but her verbally abusive and controlling ex-boyfriend Dan has done a number on her, and her confidence is in the gutter. When the lead injures herself bad enough that she won’t be able to perform anymore, Trix is next in line to fill in.

She is terrified.

Worse, Leo Magasiva has been hired to be the new make-up director of the show, and they have a long history of absolutely hating each other.

The story of a famous actor breaking out in an allergic reaction from Leo’s handiwork has all but blackballed Leo from working in film. In fact, if the director of The Festival of Masks didn’t have such a horrendous reputation, Leo likely wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work on that show. It’s his chance to make money while he works towards winning a contest that will revitalize his career doing make-up in film.

The two hate each other because they both had a crush on each other ten years ago and then came to the conclusion that the other actually hated them. Jealousy and bitterness turned the two into enemies, and forced proximity – Leo moves into Trix’s apartment, and they work on the same show – forces them to confront both their lust for each other and their animosity.

It was, of course, a misunderstanding – something Trix overheard Leo say – and the thing that made them hate each other for a decade is resolved after one conversation. Yes, it makes sense why they wouldn’t have had the conversation sooner, but it’s such a simple solution that immediately leads to them having sex.

Parker is genuinely funny and she creates wonderful characters that you like even when they make mistakes because hey, you can understand the mistakes they’re making. It’s nicely structured and well-written and I definitely liked it. That said, I also read this book while traveling across the country with nothing else to do, and I still managed to put it down a few times.

A fun read if you’re looking for a sweet romantic comedy, but I have trouble recollecting what happened after a couple days.

Rating: B-

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Making Up
by Lucy Parker
Release Date: May 28, 2018
Publisher: Carina Press

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