Review: Power of Five by Alex Lidell

Reviewed by Ronelle

Four elite fae warriors. One mortal female. A magical bond they can’t allow – or resist.

Orphaned and sold to a harsh master, Lera’s life is about mucking stalls, avoiding her master’s advances, and steering clear of the mystical forest separating the mortal and fae worlds. Only fools venture into the immortal realms, and only dark rumors come out… Until four powerful fae warriors appear at Lera’s barn.

River, Coal, Tye, and Shade have waited a decade for their new fifth to be chosen, the wounds from their quint brother’s loss still raw. But the magic has played a cruel trick, bonding the four immortal warriors to… a female. A mortal female.

Distractingly beautiful and dangerously frail, Lera can only be one thing – a mistake. Yet as the males bring Lera back to the fae lands to sever the bond, they discover that she holds more power over their souls than is safe for anyone… especially for Lera herself.

Power of Five is a full-length reverse-harem fantasy novel.


Power of Five was hard for me to review on this tour, because while I LOVED the story—enough that I immediately preordered book 2—I HATED the narrator. I tried, I really did, but after attempting to listen on multiple occasions, I couldn’t handle more than a minute or two and finally just bought a Kindle copy.

At first, Lera seemed like she’d be the typical human amongst fae, but she was a pleasant surprise instead. What she lacked in physical prowess or fighting skill, she made up for in quick wit and intelligence. She was brave, loyal, and willing to go after what she wanted in spite of the obstacles thrown at her. River, Coal, Tye, and Shade were interesting, with distinct personalities that made them both easy to love and hard to resist. While Tye was the only one who embraced Lera’s addition to their quint with little to no reservations, the others eventually started to come around. Some of the revelations about their identities were predictable, but no less important to their development. I very much enjoyed watching the relationships develop and am really looking forward to how that will continue in book 2…especially after the steamy little cliffhanger Ms. Lidell left us with!

I’ve only recently stumbled across reverse harem—one woman with a group of men bonded to one another in some way—but they seem to be growing in popularity. While the group in Power of Five didn’t progress into sexual territory more than briefly (two scenes), the ending hinted that Book 2 would be headed in that direction. Tye’s last statement basically promised us it was coming, and if the brief tastes we got in Book 1 are anything to go by, the results will be worth the wait!

I’m going to be blunt here; I hated everything about what little of Victoria Mei’s narration I could handle listening to. From her strong accents to the less-than-stellar audio quality, this was an instance where the audiobook version didn’t do the story justice. Ms. Mei’s pitch and tone were syrupy and while I get using distinct accents to distinguish a rather large cast of male characters, it was too much. The audio sounded muffled and a bit staticy, which was unpleasant and distracting. Overall, I don’t recommend this narrator, production company, or audiobook.

Bottom line: Terrible audio version of a pretty good story. Ms. Lidell has something fun, interesting, and unique going in this series and I can’t wait to see what happens! I highly recommend this for lovers of fantasy romance and anyone looking for a good reverse harem tale.

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Power of Five
by Alex Lidell
Release Date: May 4, 2018
Publisher: Danger Bearing Press

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