Review: Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas

Reviewed by Elise

When I heard about the release of this book, I was bitterly disappointed. What started as a novella for the author had turned into a full length novel. The release would delay the the final book in the Throne of Glass series. This is one of my favorite book series and I have enjoyed every book so far.

Tower of Dawn follows the journey of Chaol Westfall as he seeks to recover from a devastating injury sustained during the final confrontation with the King of Adarlan and collapse of the Glass Castle. In addition to healing, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, rightful Queen of Terrasen, has given him the task of making allies with those that rule the Southern Continent.

If I am being honest, I never really liked Chaol. His choices throughout the previous books have been dubious. Ultimately, his prejudices and equivocation cost him the things he held most dear. He has tried to make amends but it just never seemed like enough. The idea of reading an ENTIRE novel based on a character I wasn’t particularly fond of did not fill me with joy. I found myself picking up the book only out of loyalty to the series I adore. I had a preconceived idea of how the story would progress and I am delighted at how completely incorrect I was.

Sarah J Maas is a talented world builder and does not disappoint. She has created a rich and vibrant culture and well developed characters despite the addition of a whole new cast. The saving grace for this story, for me, was the development of Nesrin Faliq’s character.  Nesrin’s inclusion has become pivotal to the fate of the world. There is also a MAJOR development in this story that contributes to the series as a whole. The new information has me wondering if the author threw it in the to whet the appetite of the likes of me, a reluctant reader and Team ‘Anyone but Chaol.’ Given the intricate and fastidious world building that has occurred in this series, me thinks not. Ms. Maas, it seems, likes to keep her readers guessing!

Chaol’s inclusion in the book aside, the one complaint I have about the story is that the phrases the author uses are becoming familiar, given that I have read her other work. Descriptions of ‘darkness between the stars’ and ‘using a vulgar gesture’ are becoming commonplace in her works. This feels a bit like nit picking and, really, isn’t much of a complaint.

The twists and turns begin in the final half of the book (when there isn’t as much Chaol). Long held secrets are bought to the fore and, boy, are they game changers! I will never be a Chaol fan but at least now I can tolerate him. If only for fate of the world.

Now to wait for what I hope will be the final book!

Rating: B

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Tower of Dawn
by Sarah J Maas
Release Date: September 5, 2017
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA

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