Review: Treasure of the Abyss by Tiffany Roberts

Reviewed by Jen

In my many years of reading romance I have encountered heroes of all shapes and sizes. Heroes that were lizard men. Heroes that were giant bugs. Heroes that were zombies, shifters, vampires, djinn, demons… you name it. That being said, this is my first hero with tentacles and, honestly, it wasn’t as weird as you might think.

This book is set in a futuristic world, where humans have settled off of earth. Macy grew up there and it has been hundreds of years since her people made it their home. Not all of the technology still works and some of the early plans and ideas have been forgotten, but people get along well enough.

Macy is not very happy with her life. She lost a sister to the sea in an accident she blames herself for and can no longer recapture her joy for the water. That is only driven home when her childhood suitor takes her out on a boat with plans to propose. Macy loves Camrin as a friend, but all that guilt she carries around over her sister makes her a bit of a martyr. She plans on accepting his suit despite her platonic feelings. Until a storm knocks her off the boat and they are separated.

She wakes up on a small island with a mysterious stranger. Jax is the guy with the tentacles I was talking about. His people call themselves kraken, and they are half-human, half-octopus. Humans don’t know they exist and the kraken want to keep it that way. They fear and loathe humanity, afraid that humans would try to hurt or enslave them if they are discovered. But Jax is an anomaly among his people. They call him the wanderer because he likes to explore new things and ideas. His curiosity pulls him towards Macy and he decides to keep her for his own. She can’t go home because the risk is too great she will expose his existence.

Macy takes this surprisingly well. Oh yeah, there is a token resistance, but in, like, no time at all she is ready to leave her whole life behind and spend her future swimming with Jax in the deep. She also took the shock of seeing an octopus man really, really well. I try to imagine what my reaction would be to seeing a dude with tentacles coming at me and while I can’t quite picture it, I don’t think I would be quite as instantly cool with it as she was. Her capitulation in these things were a lot harder for me to get over and to believe in her as a character than the fact that she ends up doing it with him down the road.

The evolution of their romance is actually pretty sweet. She values the things in Jax he has always been ostracized for and he gives her a thrill like nothing did in her life before. Their love scenes are actually quite sexy, either despite of –or maybe in part, because of– the tentacles and whatnot. The world building is good and I liked how we uncovered the backstory of the kraken, and despite so much of the story taking place underwater, it had a cool sci-fi feel going on.

I appreciated the fact that the author did not make all the humans out to be villains or all the kraken out to be good guys. Roberts had enough nuance not to brush everyone with one stroke. I liked the story well enough that I might dip in to another book in the series. I can already see a future for Macy’s best friend and Jax’s.

Though I felt, at times, the book glossed over what should’ve been bigger issues, I liked it overall. A quick, easy read with some eyebrow raising sexy times. Worth checking out if you have an open mind about your hero’s anatomy.

Rating: B

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Treasure of the Abyss
by Tiffany Roberts
Release Date: December 25, 2017

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