DNF Review: Anna’s Dress by London Casey & Jaxson Kidman

Reviewed by Elise

Anna’s Dress popped up on my ‘Similar reads’ on Amazon and the blurb looked promising. I decided to give it a go on Audible with one of my credits. I’m not sure that was one of my best decisions. I found it quite difficult to get through and I often stopped to read other things before coming back to this one. It goes on my ‘did not finish’ list. I only made it through 85%.

The book is described as a second chance romance. A chance for old friends with spark to come together after a long estrangement. The story focuses on Adina and Anna, sisters who live with their Aunt. Anna is uncontrollable. An unrepentant drug addict who relies on her sister Adina to get her out of trouble. Adina continually sacrifices for Anna without Anna ever acknowledging these sacrifices. So far, so good. Emotional. A bit depressing but still a logical story line.

Adina has a crush on Evan; Evan has a crush on Adina. Evan decides that the best way to show Adina his love is to go out with Anna to keep her out of trouble and let Adina live her life. This is the exact point where the book lost me. I know teenage boys don’t have the best decision making skills but surely they have more brain power than that?! Why not have a relationship with Adina, give her a support person, help her look after Anna? Anna turned to Adina for help even with Evan playing protector so the whole system seems kind of flawed to me. I just couldn’t move beyond that point and the whole book centers around why Adina and Evan weren’t together to begin with.

Anna dies in a car accident early in the story and the book chapters alternate between the past and present. Evan comes back to town when he hears about the accident and by doing so begins the possibility of a second chance with Adina.

I was so baffled by the appeal of Evan. He tried to be sweet to Adina by taking her to her bakery that she no longer owns, breaking in and telling her to serve him so he knows what it was like to eat there. Color me confused but what is sweet about that? What self respecting girl gets googly eyes and has sex on a countertop with that as foreplay?

I am happy to read romance stories that aren’t always happy but this was a lot of depressing content. I’d have to give myself a break so I could feel happy again. This book was definitely not for me. I didn’t even finish it.

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Anna’s Dress
by London Casey & Jaxson Kidman
Release Date: January 2, 2018

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