Review: Devoted to Wicked by Shayla Black

Reviewed by Jaimie

Devoted to Wicked is the first book in Shayla Black’s Devoted Lovers series. For fans of her Wicked Lovers series, this one is a spin off and we get peeks at some of our favorites from that series. This is a short novella but it is a bit confusing because it takes place after the events in the next book in the series. I actually read them out of order so it was good for me, but don’t be confused when you read the next one!

Karis Weston is Jolie’s sister (the heroine in the final book in the Devoted Lovers series Holding on Tighter). She takes a vacation to Mexico with her friend for a little rest and relaxation and her trip is not smooth sailing. When someone breaks in to her hotel room and steals her passport, money, jewelry, etc., she calls home asking for someone to come and help her. With Jolie pregnant and busy with her business, Cutter sends his brother to help her out. What he doesn’t know is that Cage is the last person Karis wants to see.

Cage Bryant has a successful career, plenty of friends with benefits and a close relationship with his brother Cutter. A date with Karis on New Years Eve changes his perspective and when he arrives to “rescue” her he’s determined to not only help her, but to figure out why she’s been blowing him off. First he’s got to find the person that broke into her room and make sure she’s safe.

After their amazing New Years Eve, Karis went back to the condo to take Cage cookies. She sees more than she wanted when she gets there – Cage is holding a blonde woman who she assumes is his girlfriend. Determined not to be like her mother and put up with losers, Karis refuses to speak to Cage. When he arrives to save her she still feels the spark but anger wins out.

Cage is able to clear up the confusion about the blonde and clarifies that she was just a friend with benefits. Things take a turn when the person who broke into her hotel room isn’t done with their plan. Luckily Cage was able to figure out who it was that grabbed her and he saves the day.

I would have loved to have seen a full story for these two. It felt really rushed and I think both characters were intriguing enough to play out a full book. I still really enjoyed this one, just would have liked more!

Rating: B

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Devoted to Wicked
by Shayla Black
Release Date: December 26, 2017


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