Review: Home by Jezz de Silva

Reviewed by Sara

Home, by new-to-me author Jezz de Silva, is a poignant and heart-wrenching romance that is perfect for readers who enjoy military themes, May/December romances and the friends to lovers tropes. It’s also great if you like your main characters on the mature-side.

There are a lot of surprises in this book and as a result it’s a bit difficult to write a detailed synopsis of the story without spoiling some plot points. As a result my synopsis here is pretty vague.

Home begins on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan with military specialists Mark and Jamie. Mark is Jamie’s best friend and mentor. The men are heroes, but Home isn’t about those kind of heroes and soon the setting of the novel changes and we meet Eve in Australia, Mark’s now widow. Eve is attempting to get answers from military higher ups about Mark’s death, bury her husband and grieve, when Jamie risks his career and freedom to shed light on what happened to Mark. What begins as two strangers meeting soon evolves into more as Eve provides Jamie with the home he’s never had and Jamie works to do right by his best friend’s wife by providing support and fixing her home.

The book takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster; there’s the excitement and fear of combat, the grief of loss, the joy of new life and new romance, and more.  All of this is incredibly well written, well-timed and is very natural. It doesn’t feel like de Silva is hitting readers over the head with emotions, but rather the author writes in a way that makes readers (at least this reader) feel as though we are afforded an intimate glimpse at people who could very well be our own friends and neighbors. This, of course, only heightens the emotions. I don’t recommend readers attempt to read Home without a jumbo pack of Kleenex nearby or attempt to stealth-read this novel while at work. Trust me.

The characters are also incredibly well written. Again, the characters feel natural. Each character could easily be someone you know and, as a result, it’s incredibly easy to become invested in these characters and their lives. Eve suffers through grief and loss, she struggles at work and in her personal life. She worries she’s old (she’s 40, which is not old in this reader’s estimation) and yet has a wicked sense of humor. Jamie is 28 and world weary from his time in military service and yet he is funny, sensitive, and especially conscientious. Together, Eve and Jamie, come together in the midst of trying and unusual circumstances and their responses to each other and their situation reflect this.  Even the side character of Maggie, Eve’s ballbusting, yet incredibly maternal, sister-in-law is fantastic. I could not get enough of these characters.

Overall, Home, is a phenomenal novel detailing the journey through loss to love. The writing and characters are great and I would easily recommend this novel to any fan of romance.

Rating: A+

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by Jezz de Silva
Release Date: June 28, 2018

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