Review: How To Date Your Dragon by Molly Harper

Reviewed by Sara

How to Date Your Dragon by Molly Harper is the first book of her Mystic Bayou series and was originally released as an audiobook. When I saw it released as an ebook, I grabbed it quick and happily spent an afternoon falling in love with the characters and story of this light and fun Paranormal Romance (PNR).

Mystic Bayou is a town in the Louisiana swamps where supernatural, or magie, live in veritable harmony with their mundane neighbors. So, it’s the perfect place for the League for Interspecies Cooperation to send anthropologist, Dr. Jillian Ramsay, to complete a detailed report about just that topic; how supernaturals can live out in the open with their normal neighbors. This is Jillian’s first field assignment and she is committed to doing her best, but can’t help but feel like things aren’t exactly what they seem in Mystic Bayou. It doesn’t exactly help that the mayor and the ridiculously good looking sheriff are obviously keeping things from her and steering her research in a particular direction.

Sheriff Bael Boone doesn’t trust the League and doesn’t know what to think about chronically curious and tenacious Jillian. He’s certainly attracted to her, but his first job is to his town and keeping its secrets safe. When some of the townsfolk Jillian’s interviewed are brutally murdered, he wants nothing more than to hide Jillian away in his underground horde and keep her safe, but he knows Mystic Bayou is an acquired taste and doesn’t hold much for an educated professional. Can he keep his town and it’s secrets safe and get the only woman who’s stirred his heart?

Both Bael and Jillian are great characters. They are well fleshed out and their motivations made clear in a way that keeps the reader invested in their story. Jillian is fantastic as an independent professional who’s working in her dream job and is just trying to get respect from her peers. She remains true to herself the entire story and doesn’t fall at Bael’s feet the moment he shows interest in her. Likewise, Bael is committed to his town, but understands that it doesn’t hold much for some with a job like Jillian’s. He loves his job so he understands how much Jillian loves hers. He demonstrates very alpha-like tendencies because of the magical creature he is (It’s a secret!), but never once attempts to make Jillian something she’s not or pressure her into being with him. There are no fated mates in this story, just people falling in love and dealing with the mess all that entails.

Molly Harper has a ton of books under her belt. She writes both Contemporary and Paranormal Romances. I was introduced to her through her Paranormal Nice Girls series and she’s been a favorite of mine ever since. These aren’t dark and brooding PNRs; Harper writes with style that somehow manages to be whimsical, sarcastic, thoughtful and hilariously irreverent all at the same time. How to Date Your Dragon continues with this tradition and it makes for a really fun read. I don’t know many authors that could write about the effects of dragon semen, unicorn fondling and alligator shifters with a penchant for voyeurism alongside the struggle of wanting what’s best for one’s partner even if it isn’t necessarily good for one’s self and the challenges of trusting after a relationship gone bad. Molly Harper manages all this (and more!) without seeming silly and had me wondering if she laughed as a much writing the book as I did reading it.

If you could use a good book and a good laugh I highly recommend How to Date Your Dragon. Whichever format you pick it up in you’ll be in for a good time with great characters and fantastically funny writing.

Rating: A+

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How to Date Your Dragon
by Molly Harper
Release Date: July 23, 2018

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