Review: My Lord, Lady, and Gentleman by Nicola Davidson

Reviewed by Caitlin

I first decided to check out Nicola Davidson on a recommendation by Sarah Maclean and burned through almost her entire backlist. Back then, this book hadn’t been released yet, but I couldn’t wait for it to come out. The first two novellas in the series – “My Lady’s Lover” (f/f romance) and “To Tame A Wicked Widow” (BDSM with experienced widow submissive and virgin dominant) – were excellent, and I was very much anticipating this entry into the series.

It did not disappoint.

Clayton Irving is a third son of a lord whose parents expected him to be a vicar. Clayton, however, is not really cut out for the cloth. He drinks, he gambles, and he has plenty of sex – with both men and women. His parents have disowned him, so he supports himself as an artist of a… sensual nature. He’s very talented.

He has loved Lady Susannah and Lord Joseph Fenton from afar, but they seem untouchable. The perfect couple, above reproach and ridiculously attractive, given a barony because of Lord Fenton’s business acumen. Imagine his surprise when he is commissioned by the Fentons to paint Lady Susannah.

While they may seem the perfect couple on the outside, both of them are struggling in their marriage. Lady Susannah feels unloved. Her husband seems committed to being a respectable baron. He doesn’t even call her Susie anymore. When they’re in bed together, he’s quick, perfunctory, and never finishes inside her.

Lord Joseph carries a secret – he was a sex worker with five regular male clients, and the money he made bought his passage from Dublin to London. He feels unclean and unworthy of Lady Susannah, who he has loved since the first day he met her.

Clayton needs to get Susannah to loosen up when he sketches her, which leads to, well, exactly where you think it’s going to lead to. Under the guise of “pleasure lessons,” the three begin a journey together. It’s tough, because a love triangle is not exactly the norm and it takes the Fentons a moment to come to terms with it, but their journey together is nicely paced and beautifully told.

Davidson tells stories that I don’t see very much of in romance – especially historical romance. She’s a master of turning tropes on their head and combining sexy with sweet. And she’s on Kindle Unlimited!

Rating: A

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My Lord, Lady, and Gentleman
by Nicola Davidson
Release Date: July 9, 2018

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