Review: Rebels and Lovers by Linnea Sinclair

Reviewed by Jen

It hurts my heart to say this, but I did not love this book.

That stinks for a lot of reasons. Like the fact that I adored the earlier installments in the series. Or that I was starting to think that Linnea Sinclair could do no wrong. Or perhaps because this is the last in the Dock Five series. More than likely, it’s all of these things put together. And though this book wasn’t bad, I am walking away bummed from a series that has, by and large, rocked my socks off until now.

The story centers on Devin Guthrie, younger brother to the last book’s hero, Philip. He’s about to be strong-armed by his father into a society marriage when his nephew, Trippy, goes missing. Devin defies his family’s wishes to go in search of the young man in fear for his safety. Armed with his super-smarts, his ninja-like elderly butler, and determination, he embarks on a journey to the seedy Dock Five to track him down.

Makaiden finds him first. “Kaidee” is a former employee of the Guthrie family and just so happens to be the object of Devin’s unrequited affections. At the time she worked for him, she was married and off limits, but he never stopped thinking about her. How convenient that she manages to keep Trippy safe until Devin catches up with him… and even better, she is now a widow. But catching up with his nephew is just the beginning of Devin’s problems. Someone is after the boy and when you add that to the creditors harassing Kaidee for her late husband’s debts, it takes his considerable wealth and cunning just to get off planet.

Here’s the thing: it was all race, race, race with very little of the great chemistry or plotting that were hallmarks of the previous books. The villain was obvious; I wasn’t invested in the romance; and there was virtually no advancement in the larger series arc. This is the last book in the series and there is no ending. Barely a mention of Chaz and Sully. No resolution to the political maneuvering that the series centered on. It just left me hanging.

I think the worst part is that it lacked cohesion with the rest of the books. Where were the awesome Stolorths? The mind-reading? The darkness and angst? This felt more like a standalone episode of a sci-fi action show than a sweeping space opera. The sad thing is that I know this author can rock my world. But unfortunately, the series goes out with a whimper, not a bang.

Review: B-/C+

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Rebels and Lovers
by Linnea Sinclair
Release Date: March 23, 2010
Publisher: Bantam


  1. I’m sorry it worked out that way. You read so many great things though! Anne – Books of My Heart

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