Review: Redemption by S. Usher Evans

Reviewed by Jen

This final book in the Demon Spring trilogy was not what I expected. That’s not necessarily a bad thing–it gave me all the resolution I needed and an HEA that I wanted–just not on the path I anticipated. One of the things that attracted me to the first book was the male main character, Jack, and a set-up that I haven’t seen before in Urban Fantasy. All the great world-building is still in place and we’re still working toward the same goal, only Jack isn’t the main character anymore… and I missed him.

To be fair, Jack’s best friend, Cam, and his love interest, Anya, have always featured prominently. I’ve said before how much I liked the strong platonic relationship between Jack and Cam and she is quite the firecracker. But she kind of takes Jack’s place here. This is definitely Cam and Anya’s book as they team up to rescue Jack from the clutches of Bael. We see him in some cut-scenes, but the idea of him played a bigger role than the character himself. Again, not bad, but different.

Cam takes over as the voice of reason in Anya’s life. While Jack tried to gently cajole her into recognizing the destructive nature of her relationship with Bael, Cam comes at it with her no-nonsense style. She’s not there to pussy-foot around; she is there to save her friend. And she’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

The women end up traveling into the demon world and Anya must confront her former life as well as some difficult truths about Bael’s lies. The arc for her was a little difficult to read at times, with the mindset she has of a victim, but she does get to where she needs to be. And perhaps, moving her through it any faster wouldn’t have rang true.

Cam, meanwhile, gets an unexpected man of her own, which was a fun surprise. I wish they hadn’t thrown around the L-word so fast, but you can’t have everything. At least somebody was getting some action.

I wish I got to savor Bael’s end a little more. There was a lot of build, but when the time came it went quicker than I would have liked. And I was a little sad about the Jack and Cam resolution. But I can recognize that all the characters ended up where they needed to be and ultimately, I walked away satisfied.

Would recommend this series for fans of Urban Fantasy, but you need to start with book one, Resurgence. Be careful, all the titles sound alike, but it’s important to begin at the beginning. I’m not sure how much you would enjoy jumping on in the middle of the ride.

Rating: B

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by S Usher Evans
Release Date: August 7, 2018
Publisher: Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing

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