Review: Taunt by Eve Dangerfield

Reviewed by Caitlin

Taunt by Eve Dangerfield is an odd book for this author. It’s the only one that’s not strictly contemporary erotica romantic comedy (a very specific genre, but she’s excellent at it). It’s the only one that isn’t m/f. It’s the only one set in an alternative universe where the apocalypse is nigh. And it’s the only one that felt very much like it needed a “to be continued” and I have no idea when she’s going to come back to this.

This is a m/m/f/m story. So many of these are done poorly/awkwardly, but when they’re done right, there is so much angst and I am 100% there for it.

Daniel Schwartz is a New Zealand woman who likes to party and can’t feel pain – either emotional or physical. She is aware when she is sad, but in a distant sort of way. She and her friend Cynthia are on the run and hiding out in Paris after they’ve stumbled upon some very important information with very serious consequences. Her friend can’t handle whatever this information is and kills herself, leaving Daniel totally alone.

When Daniel is in a London nightclub, she is kidnapped by an evil corporation headed by Ms. Elkin that wants information from her, but she won’t talk. Typical torture methods won’t work. She knows they need her alive, so they can only threaten her so much. The corporation hires a private security firm and asks them to watch her for a month.

Blackstone is a three-man operation headed by John Blackwood, a former military man in his mid-30s who has visions of the future. Some sort of alien thing lives in his head and gives him these visions; he refers to him as “assholes.” His right-hand man is Colt Stone, 40 years old and half-Hispanic. Their third member is young Sebastian Rhodes – a 25-year-old from backwoods, uber-religious Tennessee who is stuck in a relationship with a harpy of a girlfriend.

Ms. Elkin gets Blackstone to watch Daniel for a month without any explanation why, but it’s a powderkeg situation from the start. Daniel wants out and loves playing games, trying to push the boundaries. Colt is immediately in lust with her, Seb can’t stop thinking about her, and John is wary due to some visions.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. In my opinion, it took a little longer than I would like to get to their meeting, but once they got there it was great. The reasons for why Ms. Elkin hired Blackstone were contrived (the rest of the book is so good and so layered that this was a bit disappointing), but once we get over the why of how they all end up together in the same house, the story is a lot of fun.

Daniel is a fun heroine. She’s whip smart, loves to party and do drugs (her request for things she wants while under house arrest is pretty funny), is very self-aware, and manages to be empathetic even without her ability to feel pain. Seb is sweet and very sexy; Colt has his man-issues but he’s fun and willing to open up; John might hold the key to saving the world and he couldn’t be more pissed about it.

The end is a HFN – while they do end up together (spoiler!), there are some… macro issues about the rest of the world that are unresolved. And John, Mr. Brood himself, has some serious issues to work out that haven’t even begun to be explored yet, and we still have so much to learn about Daniel’s backstory.

If you’re looking for something very fun and a little off the beaten track, I would absolutely recommend Taunt.

Rating: B+

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by Eve Dangerfield
Release Date: November 28, 2016
Publisher: Book Baby

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