Review: The Governess Game by Tessa Dare

Reviewed by Jen

I always look forward to reading a new book from Tessa Dare. They are always so witty and charming. This book was no exception, although I felt that the laughs were just a little fewer and further between.

Our heroine is Alex, friend to Emma, the last book’s heroine. We do not know a lot about her off the bat, except that she is interested in astronomy, she is an orphan, and she struggles to support herself. She first met Chase at a bookstore, although met may be too strong of a word. They bumped into each other and shared a bit of a moment… a moment she has spent the past several months fantasizing about in her head.

She doesn’t truly meet Chase until several months later when she shows up at his home, hoping to set his clocks. Imagine her disappointment to find the object of her affection is really a bit of libertine. He seems interested only in picking up women and shoving off responsibility for his two young wards. He doesn’t seem to recall their meeting in the bookstore in the slightest, and in fact, mistakes Alex for a possible governess and hires her on the spot.

After that, the story progresses much like you would imagine. The girls misbehave because they crave love and attention and Alex can’t help but empathize with them because of her own history. (That history is slowly revealed over time.) And despite Chase’s best effort’s to appear dissolute and unfeeling, peeks at his true nature eventually lead her to succumb to her growing infatuation with him.

Dare drew Alex and the girls in such a way that I really cared about what happened to them. Chase wasn’t terrible, but he didn’t have the depth of character that, say, Ash did in the previous book. Granted, not every hero can be disfigured and traumatized the way that character was, but Chase felt just a little flat. Don’t get me wrong, I still wanted them to get together, but it was mostly because I was rooting so hard for Alex.

I distinctly remember the first time I laughed out loud was about halfway through the book and I noticed because I often laugh from beginning to end with this author. Still, there were definitely funny moments. I loved especially the dialogue where Alex is forthright and speaks her mind, leaving Chase a bit at a loss. I loved the little girls, especially the younger ones penchant for killing her doll in creative ways. I liked the sexy times. And, of course, the happy ever after. The ending totally satisfied and I walked away from the book happy.

Any Tessa Dare book is worth reading. Would recommend.

Rating: B+

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The Governess Game
by Tessa Dare
Release Date: August 28, 2018
Publisher: Avon

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