Review: The Major’s Welcome Home by Tessa Bailey

Reviewed by Sara

Tessa Bailey’s new release, “The Major’s Welcome Home,” isn’t technically a new release. The short story of Major Beck Collier and Kenna Sutton was previously released in 2015 as part of an anthology with author Sophie Jordan called Off Base. With an additional epilogue, previously only released on Wattpad and half of all its release week sales going to fund research for Juvenile Diabetes, picking up this novella and becoming reacquainted with Beck and Kenna was a no-brainer.

Kenna Sutton was a wild child and has done her best as an adult to make up for that by making herself indispensable to her General father. Which is how she ends up as the pick up driver for Major Beck Collier as he returns from a six year deployment overseas. Considering Major Collier’s expertise is in engineering strategy, Kenna assumes she’ll be picking up a bespectacled, paunchy desk jockey. Instead she’s met with a hulking, military Adonis with a heart of gold. Determined to see that he’s welcomed home properly, Kenna gets particularly hands on with Beck and soon finds an attraction to the major that’s more than skin deep.

Major Collier, has come home with bad news and a heavy heart, but there’s no time to wallow when he’s met by the hottest woman he’s ever seen. When Kenna gives him more than just a ride home, he feels an instant connection to her and makes it his mission to show her that she’s more than just a screw up; she’s his everything.

“The Major’s Welcome Home” is one of those books with insta-lust/love and normally that would totally turn me off. What makes this book different, however, is that while Beck is instantly all in with Kenna, he is incredibly cognizant of her feelings and is very concerned with seeing that she is on the same page he is. For her part, Kenna has options. She’s not some fresh out of high school ingenue complete beholden to Beck. She’s an accomplished artist and has a place she belongs, even if it isn’t always the most emotionally healthy situation. So, even though I don’t usually go for Insta-lust/love, Tessa Bailey made this story work for me.

Another thing that worked for me was the depth Tessa Bailey was able to give Beck and Kenna in such a short story. Very naturally we learn Beck’s backstory and the reason he’s home again. When he practically vomits very personal information about himself at Kenna, it seems in keeping with his “True Blue” Southern boy charm and not in any way contrived. While Kenna’s dysfunctional relationship with her family and resulting low self-worth is played out with subtlety almost so that the reader feels as if they come into the understanding of how hurt Kenna’s been right alongside her character.

Probably my favorite thing about “The Major’s Welcome Home” is how Beck’s character comes into his sexuality. So, small spoiler, Beck is a virgin. Originally, pledging to wait until marriage with his high school sweetheart, Beck continues waiting even after she does not. Of course this changes when he meets Kenna. Kenna gives Beck a sexual outlet and helps him to overcome years of indoctrination that tells him certain desires are bad. So often in romance, the female main character is the one who has this huge sexual awakening and usually at the hands of a strong and powerful man. It was refreshing to read about Beck exploring his sexual urges under the tutelage of diminutive Kenna. Beck is a fast learner and, like most Tessa Bailey books, the heat between Beck and Kenna hits the boiling point quickly. The two characters are both exuberant, creative and unafraid to take their activities outside of the bedroom. Take it from me, you’ll never look at physiotherapy the same way after reading this.

“The Major’s Welcome Home” is a fantastic, quick and sexy romance. With fleshed out characters and a simple story this novella flips a typical a romance convention on its head and keeps the heat level high. I was thrilled to reread this military-themed Tessa Bailey offering and happy to know that a portion of my payment went to fund Juvenile Diabetes research.

Rating: A+

*Bought it with my own filthy lucre.

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The Major’s Welcome Home
by Tessa Bailey
Release Date: July 15, 2018


  1. Sounds like a great book. Very nice review. Anne – Books of My Heart

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